Malice Domestic in pictures by Dru Ann Love

This week I would be winging my way to Bethesda, Maryland for the annual Malice Domestic Convention. As we are still in the midst of a pandemic, this and other major reader/fan conventions have been canceled. Today’s post is a pictorial journey of the fun times had at previous Malice Domestic conventions. . .starting with 2010.

2010 in Crystal City, Virginia – This was my first time there and I was nervous as heck. I always thank Heather Webber from nudging me to attend.

2011 in Bethesda, Maryland

2012 in Bethesda, Maryland

2013 in Bethesda, Maryland

2014 in Bethesda, Maryland

2015 in Bethesda, Maryland

2016 in Bethesda, Maryland

2017 in Bethesda, Maryland – The year I won the MWA Raven Award

2018 in Bethesda, Maryland

2019 in Bethesda, Maryland – BOLO Books and dru’s book musings first ad in the Malice Domestic program book

2020 in Bethesda, Maryland

Who’s ready for the conventions in 2021? Albuquerque, Bethesda, and New Orleans, anyone?

I know I am.

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  1. Grace Koshida
    Grace Koshida says:

    Definitely ready, and already registered for both Albuquerque and NOLA in 2021! I have not been to Malice in over 20 years, though your photos are wonderful enticements to go back one day.

  2. Art Taylor
    Art Taylor says:

    Love this walk down memory lane—and so pleased to see myself with Sheila Connolly in a picture above. I've been thinking about her lots lately, and about Malice too, of course. Missing everyone!

  3. Annette
    Annette says:

    Okay, I'm weeping now. This is hard week, knowing we should all be together this weekend. As for 2021, I'm hoping for all three that you mentioned! After all, this year's travel budget hasn't been tapped at all!

  4. S.C. Perkins
    S.C. Perkins says:

    I love all these fabulous photos! Especially the ones from 2017, where I met you, Dru, in the elevator! I am really missing Malice right now, but I’m looking forward to a truly wonderful celebration with everyone next year!

  5. Maggie Toussaint
    Maggie Toussaint says:

    What a great idea to share your Malice photos! I wish we were all preparing to meet up there and have a wonderful books and authors and fun time.

  6. Elisa and Abby
    Elisa and Abby says:

    Thank you Dru! Such great memories! I am ready for next years conferences. Miss everyone. ❤️Elisa

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