It’s That Time Again by Dru Ann Love

where I have to come up with a post about whatever. And like always, I have nothing. So I’ll ramble along until my word count reach 150.

How is everyone doing during this pandemic crisis? Me, I’m so-so. 

When you choose to live alone, it is nothing. You go about your business and life goes on. When you’re in a pandemic crisis and live alone, you really are alone. Because I’m immune-challenged, no one could come visit and I was restricted to my home. Once things started settling down, I took that first trip to my doctors. Uber is my friend. I wear a mask, not for you, but for me. I limit going outdoors, not for you, but for me. If I go out, I go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, and of course the doctor’s office. I always get the first appointment – less people to encounter. I hit the grocery and pharmacy when they first open, again less people to encounter.

My reading has somewhat suffered. Sometimes it takes me longer to read a book for review, but if I’m reading a book to be read, I can read it in 2 days. When I’m not reading, I’m watching movies or a recorded TV show.

Books I’ve read/am reading:

What I last watched:

I’m also quilting more. It is keeping me busy, figuring out color patterns and designs. I’m always amazed at the finished product.

I miss seeing my friends. I miss attending reader/fan conventions. I miss my girl’s weekend vacation trip.

What I don’t miss is having to climb subway stairs.

How are you handling things?

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  1. Ellen Byron
    Ellen Byron says:

    Dru, I found this post so moving. I miss everything you said. What I miss most is being able to see my mom – and friends like you when I visit NYC.

  2. Ellen Byron
    Ellen Byron says:

    Dru, I found this post so moving. I miss everything you said. What I miss most is being able to see my mom – and friends like you when I visit NYC.

    • dru
      dru says:

      I miss you and your trips east. Once the dust is settled, I look forward to our lunch at Pershing Square.

  3. Mark Baker
    Mark Baker says:

    I hear you. The isolation is what gets me the most. I've been out doing more things than you (and I understand your reasons for your choices), but there are days where seeing a friendly face would be wonderful. And, since I'm working from home and work is blowing up right now, that's adding stress. Plus it is hard to keep the distance between work and home that even a drive across town provides.

  4. Susan Oleksiw
    Susan Oleksiw says:

    I think it's harder for people in cities than in the 'burbs and small towns. I enjoy watching you start quilts and talk about books, but I'm sure it's hard. But this will come to an end, and we'll all come together at conferences and talk about it. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Stay safe. Sending good thoughts.

  5. Debra H. Goldstein
    Debra H. Goldstein says:

    The thing I've held on to is seeing people on Zoom; facetime, and other social media platforms. As an introvert, I'm okay with the solitude, broken up by the zoom calls (which at times seem overwhelming), but my husband is like a caged animal. Driving around the neighborhood eases his tension. I feel for you……… juggling being outside when needed; stuck inside for your own protection. Want to facetime sometime?

  6. Gay Yellen
    Gay Yellen says:

    Dru – thanks for sharing this. I thinks most of us are in the same boat, one way or another. Like you, I'm pretty much hunkered down, except for walks around the neighborhood. Getting outside is good mental therapy, especially if you can find a path that's not crowded. I admire people like you who are good with their hands and have crafts to keep them busy. If it weren't for my writing and my love of reading, I'd be going crazy by now!

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Definitely pandemic isolation is alone alone. I read what you're going through (very similar to what I am except I retired in December 2019). I do have a car so I do take a drive now & then since I can’t walk a long distance. I keep remembering that we’re all going some form of hell right now. If DRU can get through, I can. I don’t do crafts or quilting unfortunately. So reading, TV. & online games. Hearts is my current favorite. I’ve spent more time talking with my Dad by phone since March than I had the previous couple of years. I’ve gotten him a new iPad so we can hopefully FaceTime for Thanksgiving & Christmas. He’s 94 & a better techie than I am! Won’t let me sign in with Google. So anon.

  8. ML
    ML says:

    Like you, I miss seeing friends the most. I am sort of a stay at home person, but this is too much for too long. The thing that's been the hardest physically is that with day-job meetings on Teams I have very little break in my screen time. So, by the end of the day my eyes are fried! Also, my water aerobics class is kaput so I'm not getting the exercise that I should. Then there's the mental part of it all… I'm so thankful for online connections. I love checking in with you in the morning as we get ready to go about our day. I'm thankful my writing groups have found a way to continue online. But, in the end, I really miss people. Seeing people in person.

    • dru
      dru says:

      I look for your morning greetings as well. Us introverts like our alone time, but sometimes we need to see people.

  9. Karen Lakis
    Karen Lakis says:

    Your honesty touched me. I definitely miss seeing my family and friends. Like you, some have been staying home alone for their safety. I’ve been careful, too, not wanting to do anything that might endanger someone else’s life. We’ll get through this, though. Take care!

  10. Liz Milliron
    Liz Milliron says:

    Dru, I hear you. I'm immune-challenged as well. I miss conferences, book launches (although I've loved seeing your face at a couple recently), going to church, and just being able to leave the house without saying, "Do you have a mask?" But it will end. I keep telling myself that. Otherwise I'd go insane.


  11. NoraA
    NoraA says:

    Your friends miss hanging out with you also. We can't wait to be able to actually sit down to eat in a restaurant together again.

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