Clicking Our Heels – Gluttony and Our Just Desserts

Clicking Our Heels – Gluttony and Our Just Desserts

Sometimes, in a restaurant, have you ever found yourself too full for dessert, but you eat one anyway? What would it be? These are the just desserts that Stiletto Members can’t live without.

 T.K. Thorne – If tiramisu or cream brûlée is offered, I am lost….

Donnell Ann Bell – Pecan pie 😊

Anita Carter (1/2 of Sparkle Abbey) – If I’m sharing with my husband, it’s always Crème Brûlée, that’s his favorite. Otherwise, it might be something with lemon. I love lemon cake and lemon bars.

Mary Lee Ashford (1/2 of Sparkle Abbey) – It sounds cliché but if it’s chocolate, I’m in. In fact, I’ll forgo parts of the other courses just to make sure there’s room for the chocolate.

Gay Yellen – My husband it the dessert eater, so I usually take a bite of whatever he’s ordered, which is usually something chocolate. On the rare occasion when I order dessert, it’s bread pudding, or a fruit tarte or cobbler.

Debra Sennefelder – Anything chocolate.

Lynn McPherson/Sydney Leigh – Any fresh baked good. I love them all.

Lois Winston – Crème Brûlée.

Dru Ann Love – Ice cream.

Saralyn Richard – I can’t think of any, but my characters really love chocolate mousse cake with ganache.

Barbara J. Eikmeier – Crème brûlée.

Bethany Maines – The one that’s on the dessert menu.  I will eat that one.

Debra H. Goldstein – Any mini-treat that comes in a tiny glass like those at Seasons 52.

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  1. Cindy Best
    Cindy Best says:

    I really can’t resist a dark chocolate cheesecake, like Godiva’s Choc Cheesecake.
    But I’m also sunk if there is a thickly packed piece of rhubarb pie in yummy pastry❤️

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