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Why I Will Survive an Alien Attack

by Rachel Brady I confessed a strange behavior to a friend this week, and rather than receive the mockery I expected, I was shocked to learn that my bizarre activity was not unique. This has inspired me to publicly embarrass myself so that I might poll the Stiletto Faithful. Maybe it’s true. Maybe we are […]

Why My First Draft is Like a Poorly Planned Paint Job

by Rachel Brady Interesting development here. I was making decent progress on my new manuscript until I shared the first half of a first draft with my editors. Quick question–have any of the writers here ever shared early pages with an editor and been told, “I love it! Keep going!” right off the bat? That […]

Why Don’t I Write about Sex?

by Ellery Adams. Why don’t I? Because I’m no good at it. Wait, that came out wrong. When I began writing mysteries, I focused on the puzzle first. I’ve always been a bit of a jigsaw puzzle geek and now I even do cryptograms when I’m waiting a long time (at the doctor’s office, for […]

Of Spring and Things…

I’ve been mulling over what I was going to write about today and I came to one conclusion: not Charlie Sheen. Haven’t we all seen enough of this most public of implosions? I, for one, continue to wonder where his parents, siblings, friends, and yes, even exes, are in this mix. Can’t someone forcibly commit […]

High Heels & Me

Meredith Cole I have a confession to make. I can’t wear stilettos. Hmm. I hope this admission won’t get kicked off the blog today. Perhaps it will help if I say that my sleuth in POSED FOR MURDER and DEAD IN THE WATER wears heels? I’ve tried to wear high heels, but I always feel […]

The Election Season

In another week, life as we know it will return to normal. Why? You ask. The election will be over. I know I say this every year, but I have never seen so much mud-slinging as this season of the mid-term elections has brought. In New York alone, we are assaulted by negative campaign ads—apparently […]

Untitled Post

Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but I’ve become very attuned to reviews of any kind. Movie reviews, shoe reviews on Zappos, clothing reviews of items on my favorite online store. Having become a student of the review, I’ve come to the conclusion—way too late for my self esteem—that they are all completely subjective. I […]

Some Thoughts on Space

And I’m not talking the NASA kind of space…sorry, Rachel. Here at Chez Barbieri, we are fans of two shows that air on our beloved HGTV: House Hunters International and House Hunters, the domestic version. They air, conveniently, every night after dinner, and we hunker down together to see different houses and their inhabitants. The […]

In Defense of the Busy Signal

I miss the busy signal. Remember the busy signal? The steady, annoying beeping sound that signified that the person you were calling on the phone was on the line with another person? Quick—without thinking—tell me the last time you actually heard the busy signal. It has probably been a long time, right? Well, if you […]

I’m Scared!

A recent New York Times article discussed how the typical American parent is more concerned by threats to their children that are unlikely, e.g. terrorism, than threats to their children that are more dangerous and likely, e.g. obesity. That got me thinking: what are the things that I worry about when it comes to my […]