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Interview with Stiletto Gang blogmate, Lynn McPherson

Interview with Stiletto Gang blogmate, Lynn McPherson By Cathy Perkins Let me introduce you to one of our newer blogmates, Lynn McPherson. For years, Lynn led an adventurous globe-trotting life (her adventures sound like so much fun!). Now she  channels her love of adventure and history into her writing, where she’s free to go anywhere, […]

Do Contests Matter?

Should the winner medal from the Killer Nashville Claymore Award contest go on the cover of The Body in the Beaver Pond? That was one of the many questions my cover artist and I discussed as I prepared for the release of the novel.  As Dar and I chatted, I wondered, do writing contest even […]

Twins and Other Things That Are Born

 I woke this morning with no clue it was Thursday, much less the third Thursday of the month.  Oops.  Covid-brain, you ask?  Well, the days have certainly run together this year/decade/eternity of a pandemic. But it’s simpler–and tougher–than that. Backing up a moment, my daughter and her husband had twins in December. Talk about a […]

Writing Through The Dark… Or Not

 Writing Through The Dark… Or Not By Cathy Perkins One of the mantras you hear a lot if you’re an author is you can’t wait around waiting for that drunken hussy of a writing muse to show up for work. Instead, it’s BICHOK. You have to put Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard. There are, […]

First Sunday! New Releases by the Stiletto Gang Members

New Releases by the Stiletto Gang Members! Join us in celebrating the latest books written by our blog mates!  A MURDER OF PRINCIPAL – A million stories beyond the flagpole… A MURDER OF PRINCIPAL starts when a maverick principal comes in with a student-centered agenda, and there’s no more business as usual at Lincoln High School. […]

Create Some Mayhem!

Create Some Mayhem! By Cathy Perkins Malbec Mayhem has joined the world! Usually when an author releases a new book, it’s nerves and excitement and a ton of planning and nerves… Did I mention it can be nerve-wracking? Will people like the book I spent however many months writing? Will they “get” the characters, the […]

Celebrating the Longest Night

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (or Chanukah if you prefer), Happy Kwanzaa (Habari Gani?), and Yay for the Solstice! What are you celebrating this month?   If you live in the Pacific Northwest like I do, the passing of the Solstice is a reason to be especially thankful. I know I’m looking forward to more than a few […]

Judge a Cover

Don’t judge a book by the cover.  How many times have you heard that bit of advice?  Of course, it’s usually a reference to a person, but sometimes it actually refers to a book. I know I’ve scrolled through online retailers, glancing at covers to see if it might be a story I’d enjoy.  I’m […]

Smoke of a Distant Fire

 Smoke of a Distant Fire By Cathy Perkins Wildfires continue to devastate large swaths of California, Oregon and Washington, leaving death and destruction of lives, towns, and forests behind them. I started to open this post with bullet points, such as: Climate change is real Science is real But I generally leave the politics to […]


 Perseverance By Cathy Perkins We’re living in crazy times right now. The world feels turned upside down and inside out by the pandemic and I refuse to mention the horrible political climate in the US. When I talk with friends about writing, the publishing industry, and life in general, I hear a constant refrain of […]