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North Star Word, by Barbara Kyle

At the start of each new year my daughter Sara chooses a word to embody how she wants to navigate the upcoming year. One word to be her “North Star” for her business and her life. Painting: North Star by Gretchen Kelley For example, one year she chose the word “bold” – which I thought […]

The Gift of Music, with Barbara Kyle

  December marks six years since I took my very first violin lesson.  An interesting session. It went something like this:   Luckily, my teacher was, and remains, the super-talented and incredibly patient pro violinist, Anna Hughes. At first, I merely dipped my toe in: I rented a violin. After all, I might hate it […]

From Stage to Page with Barbara Kyle

I’m often asked if my previous career as an actor helped my writing.   Yes, it certainly did.   Acting gave me a deep appreciation of strong story structure, because it’s hard to act in a script that has weaknesses like unfocused conflict or unmotivated turning points or a feeble climax. That stayed with me […]

Classics, by Barbara Kyle

    Some things are simply never out of date, right? Thank goodness. Here are a few classics I hold dear.   Classic Clothes. I welcome autumn for the pleasure of pulling a smart, tried-and-true blazer out of the closet. And I’m always up for any chance to wear a little black dress; in this […]

My One-Eyed Hero: with Barbara Kyle

 by Barbara Kyle   Readers love book series. No wonder. We get to know the continuing characters so well, we’re eager to find out what happens to them in the next book. For the author, though, the terrain of a series can be a minefield.     My Thornleigh Saga is a series of seven […]

The Thrill that Inspires

by Barbara Kyle As the author of historical thrillers and contemporary thrillers, I’ve enjoyed pushing the boundaries of the genre. It’s often said that a good thriller is like a roller-coaster ride. That’s true enough. The genre is about high stakes, countdowns, and suspense, and every compelling thriller delivers this kind of excitement. But the […]

Literary Wonder Drug

by Barbara Kyle I’m feeling pretty happy these days because I’ve just finished writing a new book, my twelfth novel.   However, during the eighteen months it took to complete, there were days when the work was definitely not making me happy.   Luckily, my career as a writer has taught me how to deal […]

The Characters Who Break Our Hearts

by Barbara Kyle A recent fascinating post by Lois Winston on this blog asked: “Are there characters that you wish the author would kill off? Or characters you wish an author hadn’t killed off?”   I thought I’d dig deeper into Lois’s topic with another question: What character’s death broke your heart?   I once […]

Priceless: The Author-Reader Bond by Barbara Kyle

    Priceless: The Author-Reader Bond  by Barbara Kyle    Most of us vividly recall a book that touched our lives, whether as young adults or at a crucial moment later in life. The moment makes us feel a special kinship with the author. It’s a meeting of minds, even of souls. It’s a bond, […]