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Gay Yellen: Finding Comfort and Joy In the before-times, the term “twenty-twenty” usually indicated good news. “Hey! Your eyesight is normal!” Or, “Wow! Your logic is clear-sighted!” This year, a not-so-good connotation arose. At the end of December, when calendar turns, twenty-twenty will forever signify our historic year of global pandemic. At our house, the […]

Gay Yellen: A Writer’s Thanksgiving

The twining path… Like a double helix, a writer’s journey can follow a twisty trail. One strand—the rational, professional one—involves studying the works of others, honing your own craft, unlocking a door to publishing, and eventually (hopefully) connecting with readers. The second strand can be an emotional mind-trip filled with unsettling questions. Is my work […]

Gay Yellen: The Fortuneteller’s Prophesy

Ever had and unexplainable, eerily paranormal experience? In honor of Halloween and El Dia de Los Muertos, I offer my spooky, true story. It began in the other-worldly parlor of a New Orleans psychic, the summer after college. I was making a movie there. As we finished the day’s shoot, the cinematographer invited me and another […]

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I’m New Here. Is it Coincidence, or Fate? by Gay Yellen When two random and unrelated events combine to create something truly fun, it makes me wonder. How does this kind of luck happen? Is it just a coincidence? Or is it something more? Good fortune doesn’t come every day. When it happens, it’s definitely something to […]