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“Solitude in the Outback…”

 By Kathryn Lane Years ago, when I lived in the Outback of Australia, I often found myself alone for weeks at a time at the homestead while the men were in the field catching feral cattle. That solitude gave me time to read the Russian novels by Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, and Pasternak to name a few. Dr. […]


By Kathryn Lane I love deadlines! They revitalize me. Twists and turns in my mystery novels become more exciting once I’m approaching the deadline with my editor. Not all deadlines are equal. Some are important; others can be juggled. Then there are deadlines I gleefully ignore. At times, I fantasize what would happen if I […]

I can FLY!

By Kathryn Lane Peter Pan teaching his friends to FLY! Peter Pan is a child who never grows up because he has an ultimate belief in make-believe. Make-believe is similar to imagination. For those who do grow up, imagination provides the ability to be creative. The marvelous human mind can combine imagination with the disciplines […]

When I Visited Walden Pond

By Kathryn Lane The past three years, my husband and I have spent the summers in a cabin in northern New Mexico. We are isolated, in a way. We are connected to the outside world with excellent internet, workable phone communications, and muddy dirt roads during the rainy season. As I watch the deer, elk, […]

Researching in Miami

 By Kathryn Lane I place my novels in countries where I traveled during my corporate job. Miami is a city where I attended many regional conferences. I also passed through the international airport innumerable times coming from or going to Latin America and the Caribbean. Yet I only saw the city from airline windows as […]

Serendipitous Discovery!

By Kathryn Lane A week’s’ worth of newspapers, yes, old-fashioned printed versions, beckoned me on the coffee table. I confess that in the midst of downsizing and moving, I’d been too busy to read them. Working my way through the papers, I hit serendipity! An article about the changing car culture. Ford’s 1896 Quadricycle What […]

I Dream in Science Fiction!

By Kathryn Lane Fiction writers take ideas from everywhere, the reason a saying says, “Be careful what you say around me – I’m a fiction writer.” To prove the point, I’ll paraphrase one of T.S. Eliot’s quotes: “Good writers borrow; great writers steal.” Dreams offer me a favorite reservoir of ideas to borrow. I dream in full […]

Stormy Candlelight Dinners

By Kathryn Lane My husband and I did not celebrate Valentine’s this year. Yet we made up for it the following night with a romantic, candlelight dinner. Not exactly to make up for Valentine’s but as a consequence of the deadly snowstorm that hit Texas. When our power failed, we started lighting candles.  Donning a […]

Origin and Evolution of the Mystery Genre

 By Kathryn Lane When I’m about to start writing a new Nikki Garcia mystery, I take time to look back, like traveling through a time capsule, to the origin of the genre. Most literary historians place the origin of mysteries in 1841 when Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Murders in the Rue Morgue. He invented […]

Travel for Writing

By Kathryn Lane For people with an appetite for travel, 2021 promises to be a better year. We’re already picking destinations and building itineraries to fulfill our yearnings. Yeah, I’m one of those crazy, exuberant travelers anxiously waiting to renew my journeys! Before becoming a writer, I jetted around the globe for work purposes. I’d […]