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When Pigs Fly

  “When pigs fly” is an adynaton, an absurd figure of speech to describe an action or event that will never happen. But in literature, there are several examples of pigs that take action or participate in events, and a few indeed fly. In real life in 2020, pigs are flying…on commercial airlines! A consequence of […]

Mystery and Romance Authors – How Many Books Should You Publish?

  Antique Underwood Typewriter and Calla Lilies Social media has swept instant and fleeting tidings over us – the expectation of continuous news snippets. I wondered how this impacts the work of authors. In doing research, I found an interesting quote from Donna Tartt, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Goldfinch: “There’s an expectation these […]

Tripping Over Research

 By Kathryn Lane Planning a research trip! Research is a must for scientists and academic writers who either “publish or perish”. And it’s also a necessary activity for people who pen non-fiction, historical fiction, and science fiction. But what about genre writers? To me, authenticity is important in novels. Without it, readers lose interest. Plot, characters, […]

On the Road to Santa Fe

 By Kathryn Lane Just beyond the Santa Fe Opera, on the road to Los Alamos National Laboratories, is Camel Rock Monument. I traveled that route as a young CPA on my way to perform financial audits at the Labs. Camel Rock sits, almost Sphinx-like, guarding the southern fringe of the Española Badlands in New Mexico. Back […]

Lesson from Bon Jovi: “Do What You Can”

By Kathryn Lane When I give presentations on writing, I’m often asked if I’ve experienced writer’s block – a slowdown of creativity or the inability to create a new work. When my creativity slows, I turn to researching topics I’m writing about and that attracts my creative angels again. But I’ve heard stories of how […]

The Writer’s Creative Mind

My husband, Bob, and I were enjoying our morning coffee recently when he looked out the window at the fence of live bamboo. I’d planted it to avoid looking into our neighbor’s living room. And of course, I’d placed containers in the ground to prevent the plant from spreading outward and conquering the world, as […]

The Mother of Invention

By Kathryn Lane Writers are always combing through ideas for stories. We take in a lot of information and through our individual creative processes, we select the characters, plots, themes, and settings that we bring to life. Great authors, like Arthur Conan Doyle and Margaret Mitchell, invent characters, such as Sherlock Holmes and Scarlett O’Hara, […]

A Game Changer

By Kathryn Lane I’d avoided writing about the coronavirus, yet today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the legacy COVID-19 will leave us.   Apart from the unfathomable human suffering and deep blow to world economies, a few good things will result from this world pandemic. Creativity rises to the challenge and vanquishes the enemy when […]

Untitled Post

Pets in Fiction by Kathryn Lane The book review section of the Wall Street Journal recently featured an essay based on The Falcon Thief, a “tale of adventure, treachery, and the hunt for the perfect bird”. The title aroused my curiosity since a middle eastern character in my latest mystery thriller, Revenge in Barcelona, gallantly […]

The Rewards of Writing

by Kathryn Lane As authors, we often say we write for the love of writing, not for the pursuit of money. Did I say money? Most authors have day jobs to earn a living. A few lucky ones do make enough to devote themselves full time to storytelling. For me, more than remuneration, the reward […]