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CINCO DE MAYO – More Than Mexican for a Day

CINCO DE MAYO – More Than Mexican for a Day by Linda Rodriguez It’s time for the drunks to fill the bars and overflow into the streets again, time for posters and commercials of sultry señoritas sucking down cervezas while their whirling skirts of many colors reveal slim brown thighs, time for The-Holiday-That-Coors-Built in its […]

What Crow Says

For Native American Heritage Month by Linda Rodriguez I have a strong propensity for crows. They’re birds that don’t get the love and respect that other birds do because they’re not as flashy in appearance and their voices are harsher, even though they are classified as songbirds. Crows are intelligent, can make tools and remember […]


by Linda Rodriguez One of my favorite places on the planet is the Flint Hills of Kansas. The Flint Hills is the largest surviving Tallgrass Prairie in the country, 4.5 million acres of bluestem and wild animals and cattle and tough people, all survivors. I went to school there, and my parents are buried there. […]

A Whole Industry Built on Vibes!!

by Linda Rodriguez This past week, we have been treated to the spectacle of the heads of of the hugest publishing companies in the United States sitting in a federal courtroom under oath, testifying about the publishing industry. We have heard things that were patently untrue, even if the CEO making the statement is sworn […]

Cover Reveal–Every Last Secret

 by Linda Rodriguez I’m excited to announce that on Tuesday, September 7th, the first of my Skeet Bannion mystery novels, Every Last Secret, will be re-released in ebook and trade paper format in a new edition with new covers. This is a thrill, especially, because readers have asked for a paperback version of these books […]

Becoming a Phoenix Again and Starting Over

 by Linda Rodriguez According to astrology, I am a Scorpio. In fact, I am a quadruple Scorpio, which is about as Scorpio as you get. The animals that symbolize the sign of Scorpio are three in number, unusual or the zodiac, which normally only uses one animal to represent each sign. Scorpio is represented by […]

Poem for the new year–“Walking on Ice”

by Linda Rodriguez Happy 2020 to all of you! At this time of year, many of us are dealing with snow and ice storms. We are also often reflecting on how we want to live the rest of our lives or how we want to improve our handling of important relationships.  For the new year, […]