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The Chaos Demon

Well, as some of our regular readers know, I’ve once again been computerless. The new laptop that replaced the one my jealous dog destroyed crashed and had to be replaced after they simply couldn’t repair it. So I’ve just received my new laptop and am replacing programs, files, etc. Only to realize this morning that […]

Of Tempests in Teapots, Po-Biz, and a Welcome Return to Sanity

by Linda Rodriguez I’m a hyphenate writer. Poet-mystery novelist. One foot stands in the airy-fairy literary world of poetry, where I’ve published two books, many individual poems, and won some national awards, while the other is planted firmly in the down-to-earth storytelling of mysteries and thrillers where all the loose ends have to be tied […]

The Perils of Dogs and Laptops

By Linda Rodriguez For nearly a week, I have been deprived of my laptop due to the jealousy of a young male dog. We have a Plott hound that we rescued right before Thanksgiving two years ago when he was still less than a year old and very docile–because he was almost starved to death […]

Guest blog Jeri Westerson

Hi, it’s Linda here. Please welcome my friend and gifted writer of historical mysteries, Jeri Westerson. Jeri’s newest “medieval noir” Crispin Guest novel, Blood Lance, has just been published, and Jeri’s going to talk to us about the really extreme research she does in order to write about her disgraced medieval knight. She’s Armed By […]

Getting It Together

“Someday I’ll get it all together,” my husband mutters morosely as he struggles with something that slipped through the cracks in his ultra-busy life. I’ve done the same myself many times. We’re all juggling so many plates that it’s no wonder when one of them crashes to the floor or is rescued from that fate […]

Great Expectations

Contests and awards are wonderful. Americans love them and love winners, above all, from the Olympics to the Pulitzer to The Voice. We love a winner, and that’s what we all want to be, a winner. What happens when we come close? What happens when we’re so good that we beat out hundreds of others […]

Writing Books and Maintaining Friendships

by Linda Rodriguez I have become a terrible friend. I spend all my time writing books, taking care of the business of books (research, tours, conferences, accounting, and correspondence with editors, agents, publicists, and fans), and promoting my books (blogs, guest blogs, interviews, signings and readings, Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, etc.). There’s little time left […]

Time Management for Writers

by  Linda Rodriquez In my former life, I ran a very successful university women’s center. I was famous for my time management and organizational skills—and not just on campus. I was fairly well-known in Kansas City because of the many public programs I organized and led and the numerous organizations with which I collaborated and […]

A Bonded Pair

From the cat who literally swallowed the canary (and then threw it up on your aunt’s antique Persian rug) to the dog who ran away, we at the Stiletto Gang put our collective heads together and thought: what could be better than walking down memory lane with thoughts of some of our favorite–and not-so-favorite–pets? Join […]