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The Red Pen of Doom Murders The Fountainhead

by Linda Rodriguez I like to read other writers’ blogs, because I can often find out new ways of doing things, get tips on all aspects of the publishing game, and just find someone who understands what we’re all going through. Sometimes, a writer will do unusual things with her or his blog that really […]

My Best Friend, the Kitchen Timer

by Linda Rodriguez I have a new best friend. Well, not really new. We’ve been very close before, and then as the press of daily life and work took over, we started to see less and less of each other. You know the way these things happen—not because of anything either of us did but […]

The Book-Awards Game of Chance

by Linda Rodriguez Next week at this time I will be on my way to Oklahoma for the Oklahoma Book Awards. My newest book, Dark Sister, is a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award in Poetry. Needless to say, I am both delighted and excited. Dark Sister is truly a book of my heart, focused […]

We’ve Been Here All Along: 13 Ways of Looking at Latinos in the Midwest

by Linda Rodriguez (This essay was just published in the anthology, Stranger in a Strange Land, which benefits the ACLU. Featuring Walter Koenig, Linda Rodriguez, Patricia Abbott, Teresa Roman, R.C. Barnes, James B. Nicola, Eric Beetner, Katherine Tomlinson, Heath Lowrance, Kimmy Dee, Mark Rogers, Sheikha A., Mark Hauer, Berkeley Hunt, Manuel Royal, Kathleen Alcalá, Christine Mathewson, […]

Drugged Dreams

by Linda Rodriguez For the past several months, I have battled an infection of lungs, sinuses, and tonsils, which also triggered my asthma. That meant coughing, lots of big, loud coughing spasms. I mean, coughing that rattles the windows in my house and those of my neighbors. (I have been known to break ribs from […]

Scales for Writers

by Linda Rodriguez Pianists know they must practice every day, playing scales and various exercises that stretch the fingers and give them the flexibility and dexterity that they will need to play complicated compositions. Long ago, I read in one of Madeleine L’Engle’s wonderful journals of life and writing about this need for writers. “Nobody […]

Getting It Together

by Linda Rodriguez As many of our readers know, I’m dealing with a badly shattered right shoulder right now. I’m also teaching an extremely large online class in revising the novel and losing my voice from doing so much dictating to voice recognition software. So I am running a post from the past today. (And […]

Red Shoes, Kickass Women, and Stiletto Gang Magic

“She speaks for her clan” by Dorothy Sullivan We here at The Stiletto Gang are celebrating a newly designed logo for our blog and the diverse makeup of our membership. We are women writers from various backgrounds, but we all share one thing in common. We’re pretty kickass women. We are all strong in our […]

How to Get a Handle on Using Your Novel Research

by Linda Rodriguez Right now, I am teaching an online course in research for the novel, so my mind is turned to research, and I thought I would offer a quick and dirty look at research for novelists. Research is vital for all fiction writers to a certain extent, and for those writing novels such […]