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Following a Character into a Book

by Linda Rodriguez Lately, I’ve been intensely making notes for a new book in bits and pieces of time left over from other commitments. That’s a fairly common thing around here. Several times a year I follow a character into a short story or book. After the first draft is finished, I still refer to […]

Advice on Publishing Your Novel

by Linda Rodriguez I receive emails all the time asking me how the emailers can get their own novels published. Usually, they know just about nothing of the business of publishing, which always surprises me. If you took a year or so to write a book that you hoped to publish and sell, wouldn’t you […]

Grandmother’s Basket

by Linda Rodriguez It’s National Poetry Month, and I have a new book of poems out. Dark Sister is a book of the heart for me, in which I tell stories from my family and other spaces that really matter to me. Some of the poems, of course, are lyric poems, but with me, the […]


by Linda Rodriguez Like most writers, periodically, I struggle with my work. Often it’s because of physical health problems. Often, it’s because of family issues. Sometimes it’s because of the world around me. Right now, that world around us all is stressful, troubling, and even frightening. In these times of difficulty, I turn to the […]

Remembering the Dream

by Linda Rodriguez I had a dream for many decades, a dream that I would write novels that would be published by a major publisher to great reviews and win many honors and, most of all, find readers who loved them. And for many years I had to put that dream on hold for lack […]

Keeping a Writer’s Journal

by Linda Rodriguez I have kept journals for many decades. Even before my creative writing professors encouraged me to keep them, I kept writer’s journals after reading that writers I respected, such as Virginia Woolf and Madeleine L’Engle, had kept writer’s journals. I have stacks and stacks of them, and periodically I wade through years […]

Drunk Screenwriters Write My Family History

by Linda Rodriguez (This blog was first posted to Writers Who Kill.) My husband is an internationally recognized scholar in his field and a research maven, so naturally he was drawn to the project of tracing my family history with a grandmother who had married and divorced thirteen times to ten different men. Most experts […]