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I’m Just Glad to Still be Here, Doing What I Love

Being the old-lady of the group, I’ve done a lot in my lifetime to be able to keep on writing.

I’ve never been able to sit for long period of time at the computer–when I was writing and running a care home for developmentally disabled women, even when the gals were at work, I still had to do the laundry every day and various other chores. And though it was also my only writing time, I was up and down all the time.

In a way, this was a blessing, because I’ve always been able to go right back to whatever I was working on before the last interruption.

I have a huge family and they drop in unexpectedly and I’m always glad to see them. I love writing, but I love my family more.

Now, there’s been even a bigger change. My granddaughter, hubby, and two little girls are buying our house and we will be staying here with them. So I have precious interruptions: a nearly four-year-old who always asks what I’m doing, and a nearly two-year-old who always comes for her morning hug.

I am at the beginning of a new book and I’m loving the writing–but also feeling blessed to have so much family around.

Proud Great Grandmother, Marilyn