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Amazing Stuff…to me at least

I’m amazed by what interests some of my fellow bloggers. Shoes. Of course this is the Stiletto Gang, but all I care about in shoes is that they are comfortable and decent looking. Yes, I know, it’s all because I’m the ancient one here.

I had a momentous birthday on Sunday. My great-grandson said, “You look pretty young for 75 and you even walk good.” I reminded him that since he’s a sophmore in high school now, I sort of have to be old. He’s the oldest of my greats–but I have a granddaughter who is the same age. None of this may seem amazing to you, but it does to me. I can hardly believe I’m at this point in my life.

The other day I retired from a job I’ve had for over ten years, being the training chairperson for an organization for residential care providers. Sometimes it seems I’ve lived several lifetimes.

I began working when I was 10, babysitting all sorts of kids and an invalid woman. In high school I did inventory for a department store and worked for a hot-rod store.

Married the fall I graduated from high school, traveling by train all the way across country to do so. Shocked by how it was in the south (this was in the early 50’s) and very glad when hubby and I moved back to California. (We moved back to Virginia again when we had two kids but didn’t stay long.) Experienced a couple of hurricanes.

Back to California, raised our five kids, said goodbye to Seabee hubby three times as he left for Vietnam and greeted him enthusiastically when he made it home in one piece, worked as a telephone operator on and off for years, had a Camp Fire group for 10 years, was a teacher in a school for child development for 10 years, worked in day care centers in the ghetto, planned weddings for my children, greeted grandchildren, moved from our long time home on the coast to the foothills of the Sierra, owned and operated a licensed facility for 6 developmentally disabled women for over 20 years, and all the time I wrote and wrote and wrote, finally getting published.

Now, really retired, I’m putting all my energies into writing and promoting. Well, not quite all, I’m still teaching Sunday School and various other things that I won’t go into. When you have as many kids and grandkids and greats as I do, there are some family things to do also.

Shoes aren’t really top of my priority list though it was fun to read about them in the previous post.

That’s all for now–think I’ll run around barefoot for awhile.