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Clicking Our Heels – Our Last Supper – Mystery Writer Style

Our Last
Supper – Mystery Writer Style

Most of the Stiletto Gang enjoys food and murder,
so it seemed natural to find out what some of us would want to eat for our Last

Marilyn Meredith – Crab cakes, lobster tail,
garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus

Jennae M. Phillippe – A series of small plates of
delicious dishes, like the hangar steak I had at a French-Vietnamese restaurant
the other day, each paired perfectly with wine, and finishing with at least
three kinds of dessert, most of which included chocolate.  I would aim for as much flavor variety as
possible.  And, no mushrooms!

Paffi Flood – A filet mignon, cooked medium well,
with a Caesars salad and a vodka tonic

Sparkle Abbey – That’s so hard, we like all types
of food.  Italian, Mediterranean
inspired.  We do better with the
drink.  For us that would be a margarita!

Bethany Maines – I would order something with a
lot of courses that took a lot of time cook and eat.  Let’s just see how long we can make this
last. J

Juliana Aragon Fatula – Tamales, arroz, frijoles,
cheese, quacamole, sopapillas.  My mom
was the greatest cook in my hometown. She sold tamales to make money for Christmas gifts.  She was very popular with the community because of her cooking. Tamales always remind
me of the tamalera in my mom’s kitchen once or twice a year with all the Viejas,
tias, cousins, comadres.  It was beer and
chisme and I learned a lot about life from those parties.

Kay Kendall – Cold shrimp with cocktail
sauce.  Hot French bread with lots of
garlic butter. Hagen

Daz coffee ice cream.

Dru Ann Love – I would have collard greens, rice,
fried chicken, baked macaroni & cheese and for dessert, chocolate frosted
yellow cake.  This is the holiday meal I
grew up with and its comfort food and makes me think of years past with the

Debra H. Goldstein – I’d keep it simple and in
line with my usual cooking style: a cheese pizza followed by coffee, chocolate
mint, or German chocolate cake ice cream.

Paula Benson – For my last supper, I would ask to go back in time to a place no longer existing called “The Captain’s Kitchen.” They served wonderful fried seafood in paper bowls and would bring all you could eat of shrimp, scallops, oysters, and perch (with delicious cocktail and tartar sauce) as well as hush puppies and cole slaw. Just when the servers thought my father had no room for more, he would ask for one last bowl of shrimp, “for dessert.”