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Why I Wrote Missing in Miami by Kathryn Lane

Location is important in my novels, yet it is only the
setting. It does, however, dictate the type of story that can take place. By selecting
Miami and Havana,  I had to delve into
the creativity pool in my frontal cortex to select a topic bursting with
possibilities for a new and interesting storyline. A storyline that would
entertain readers and keep them guessing about the bad guys.

To be released on Amazon: eBook – Feb 23
Paperback Feb 21 

Stem cell therapy gave me a platform where I could build
an interesting medical angle and include medical tourism as a subplot, adding
the risks and rewards that such therapy can bring to those who undergo
treatment. Add then a teenager in need of stem cell therapy. When she disappears,
my protagonist, Nikki Garcia, is hired to try to find her.

Nikki calls on her husband’s expertise as a medical
doctor to help in the case. Of course, her boss, Floyd, is there to provide
access to law enforcement agencies and their information gathering. Bring in a
cast of characters, locations, and situations that Nikki must maneuver.

And the hunt is on!

At some point along the path of writing a novel,
something wonderous takes hold. I realize the magic is coming from somewhere
outside of myself, as if the characters are directing the story. And they
always make it better!

The twists and turns
of a mystery novel are my favorite part of writing. I hope you will also find
it fun to follow the labyrinth Nikki must travel in Missing in Miami.



Happy Lunar New Year!

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I can FLY!

By Kathryn Lane

Peter Pan teaching his friends to FLY!

Peter Pan is a child who never
grows up because he has an ultimate belief in make-believe. Make-believe is
similar to imagination.

For those who do grow up, imagination provides
the ability to be creative.

The marvelous human mind can combine
imagination with the disciplines of mathematics, physics, and countless other subjects,
thus developing new technologies. Imagination combined with drawing, color
theory, and perspective can express incomparable beauty through art and
sculpture. Imagination and the study of language and writing can create masterpieces
of literature.

Yet it all starts as a belief that the
impossible is possible.

The recent flights to the edge of space, first
by Branson and quickly followed by Bezos, made me reflect on the art of flying.
The Wright Brothers invented the first viable flying machine in 1903, after
years of research and experiments.

Wright Brothers’ Plane

The Kitty
Hawk “flight” occurred a mere 118 years ago. In that short time span, the art
of flight has advanced so much that countless astronauts have flown to space,
orbited the earth in their spacecraft, worked at the international space
station, and a select group have walked on the moon.

Model of Leonardo Da Vinci Flying Machine

The idea of man-powered flying
captured the imagination of Leonardo DaVinci, artist and sculptor, four hundred
years before the Wright Brothers success. The modern helicopter is similar to
Ornithopter design from the 1480s.

Branson and Bezos flew to the edge of
space. Each man had an ultimate belief in his flying adventure. Each one has a
dream of creating space tourism, albeit rich tourists, to experience a split-second
glimpse at our earth from a spot close to the
Karman line, the imaginary
boundary that separates earth’s atmosphere from

the edge of space.

Both men have been seriously
criticized for their expensive adventures, yet they must have felt like Peter
Pan. They could FLY!

In another decade or so, spacecraft
will probably be taking people beyond the Karman line for a brief spin into
outer space and maybe even a suborbital flight around earth. Maybe it will
become a real tourist boom and prices will be affordable to more people.

As a writer, I don’t doubt stories and novels of various
genres will involve more short trips into space. Space travel will no longer be
exclusive to science fiction.

As for my own travel plans, planet earth still offers a lot
of enticing places to visit.

If someone offered you a ticket on the next trip to the
Karman line, would you take it?


Kathryn’s mysteries – The Nikki
Garcia Thriller


Kathryn’s short story collection – Backyard
and Other Mysteries of the Heart


 All available on Amazon.

Kathryn Lane started out as a starving
artist. To earn a living, she became a certified public accountant and embarked
on a career in international finance with a major multinational corporation.
After two decades, she left the corporate world to plunge into writing mystery
and suspense thrillers. In her stories, Kathryn draws deeply from her Mexican background as well as her travels
in over ninety countries.



Photo Credits:Peter Pan Flight by HarshLight is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Wright Brothers’ Plane in the Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk,
North Carolina
 by Jared
Enos is licensed under 

Da Vinci flying machine by mahjqa is licensed under CC
BY-NC-SA 2.0

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