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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

By Evelyn David

Ever heard of chaos theory? I know it was discussed in Jurassic Park and it has something to
do with a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil
setting off a tornado in Kansas.

I’m pretty sure I’m simplifying things, but here’s my

Hubby: If we’re going to sell the house, we should put it on
the market in the spring.

Me: You’re right, it’s time.

That was the butterfly flapping her wings.

The tornado that was spawned has resulted in my home
becoming the equivalent of the flying house that took Dorothy from Kansas to Oz.


In my more rational moments, and I confess that they are few
and far between, I know this is the right thing to do. But as anyone who has
ever moved – and anyone who has ever laughed at the George Carlin routine –
life is about stuff. To put that
into perspective, consider there is my stuff,
my husband’s stuff, our collective
married life stuff, our four
children’s stuff – and then there is
the stuff we inherited when we
cleaned out our parents’ homes. We have lived in this house for 24 years, so we
all agree that there is a lot of STUFF.

Now the idea is to downsize, move into a three bedroom home,
preferably with a finished basement so all the toys for adorable granddaughter
visits can be down there!

But before that can happen, we have to sell this house. And add in that this house has desperately needed to be painted
since forever, so we have had a crew in the house, scraping, spackling, peeling
old wallpaper, and then painting for more than two weeks with at least another
week to go. The house is one big ball of neutral, with family photos packed
away. I think the goal is to make this house look so foreign to me that it’s
easier to let it go. But in any case, all that stuff is packed in boxes that need to be sorted, discarded,
donated, and occasionally treasured.

Now in the midst of all this chaos is a couple of more
variables. First is a baby shower for my daughter-in-law who is expecting in
May. Hooray, Hooray! Adorable granddaughter will have an adorable cousin. Plus
we have two mega-seders to host the two days following the baby shower. So
there is the craziness of getting the house ready to sell, while also the
craziness of getting ready for a celebration and a holiday.

Did I mention that I’m a little stressed?

It will be fine. I’ll just escape with a little murder and
mayhem when I can. Because we’re within spitting distance (as my mother would
say) of finishing the third Sullivan Investigations Mystery. It’s a full-length
whodunnit – and it’s going to surprise, scare, and delight you. Hope to have
details soon.

In the meantime, here’s a link to George Carlin’s standup
routine on stuff. Enjoy!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvgN5gCuLac

Marian, the Northern, frazzled half of Evelyn David


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