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Looking Back and Looking Forward

Answering Debra’s message
from Friday: yes, there is still time for resolutions! Also, there’s time to
celebrate last year’s accomplishments.

In 2021, I was pleased to
make progress in my writing. My short story “Cosway’s Confidence” won second
place in the Bethlehem Writers Group annual contest and was featured in their
quarterly online publication, the BWG Roundtable. Another of my stories,
“Hollandaise,” received honorable mention in the South Carolina Writers
Association, Surfside Chapter’s short story contest and appeared in its

Finally, three of my stories were published in
the Red Penguin Books Collection (a group of anthologies) (one twice!):
“Beloved Husband,” a monologue based on Norman Baskin, Majorie Kinnan Rawlings
second spouse, in 
An Empty Stage;

“The Fairy Godmother’s Christmas”
in Once Upon a Time and Stand Out: Volume Two; and

 “No Legs” accepted for The
Robot and Me

The robot story had to be
about the interaction between humans and technology. My story involved Nella
Bella, who existed in a fortune telling box and dispensed cards while providing
security for her facilitator, a human fortune teller. Without legs, Nella had
to find a way to get rid of a spectral being draining her facilitator of all
energy and life. A friend of mine called it “a coming of legs” story. I really
like that description!

Since October, I’ve been
putting some words on paper each day. I’m not as far ahead with some projects
as I would like to be, but I’m making progress.

That’s my New Years
resolution: to keep moving forward and finishing work. What resolutions have
you made?

I wish for all of you the
very best in this New Year, in reading and writing. May you reach all your

The Red Penguin Collection

by Paula Gail Benson

Red Penguin Books, a small publishing company based in New York and headed by Stephanie Larkin, began an imprint to showcase new and established writers of shorter works. Its Red Penguin Collection currently has twenty-eight volumes of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, monologues, and short plays. The editor is J.K. Larkin, Stephanie’s son, who has published his own autobiography, not kidding.

The collection first drew my attention when I noticed that John Floyd had been published in one of its romance volumes, A Heart Full of Love, and two of its mystery anthologies, Behind Closed Doors, and the recently released, Pets on the Prowl.

I decided to check out submissions opportunities and was fortunate enough to have my own work included in An Empty Stage: A Collection of Monologues and Once Upon a Time, fairy tales written for adults.

I received an even bigger thrill when my “A Fairy Godmother’s Christmas” was selected for a second publication in Stand Out: The Best of the Red Penguin Collection, Volume 2, which also contains two of John Floyd’s stories.

If you write short fiction, poetry, essays, or plays, you definitely should check out the submission opportunities at this link. While many of the anthologies are non-paying, an upcoming humor short story contest offers monetary prizes for first, second, and third place.

Additionally, Red Penguin has encouraged its authors to participate in marketing efforts, join in group meetings, and learn from virtual programs. It offers an excellent chance for authors to see their work in print, have a publisher that supports them, and become part of a writing community.