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Clicking Our Heels – Colors!

Clicking Our Heels: Colors

Because our writings open a window into our souls, we
thought you’d find it fun to know our favorite colors and why each resonates so
much with our inner feelings.


Debra H. Goldstein: 
Blue. It makes me think of the sky and water meeting which is an
absolute moment of peace for me.


Lynn Chandler Willis: 
Red. It’s kind of a take-no-prisoners, bold, and assertive color.


Barbara J. Eikmeier: My favorite color is red. I once read
that a bedroom decorated in red will make your bare skin glow in lamplight, and
a red kitchen will make your guests feel hungry.


Donnell Bell:  Teal.
It has been since as long as I can remember. Teal and gray were the colors in
my wedding. You will find numerous teal accents in my house.


Lynn McPherson:  I
love pink and gold. Fun and pretty.


Gay Yellen: Earth tones, pastels if they’re not too sweet.


Bethany Maines: Probably purple or teal. But I’m a graphic
designer by trade, so I’m in love with all colors at the right place and time.


Mary Lee Ashford: Turquoise blue and I think it’s probably
related to my love of the ocean. I find the color so soothing and serene.


Shari Randall: I’m in love with the color of David Austin’s
Juliet roses – a soft and warm peach/coral pink. My daughter and I had similar
roses in our bridal bouquets.


Linda Rodriguez:  Red
and purple – can’t choose just one.


Anita Carter: I love purple. I also like red and blue, but
purple is my favorite.


T.K. Thorne: I am attracted to intense colors. Bright
yellow, like the deep yellow daffodils or black-eyed susans, has always been a
favorite (in fact I wrote a children’s short story once about the color yellow
that went missing), but the best is the blue of runways lights and police
lights. I have to make myself look away from the latter, especially when I’m
driving, because they mesmerize me.


Debra Sennefelder: I don’t have a favorite color. Though I
do tend to navigate towards blue for decorating.


Kathryn Lane: I love vibrant colors, purple, red, and
orange; yet when I glance around my living environment and my clothes – I find
a lot of blue, in varying hues from turquoise to navy. There’s a vibrant new
blue on the market, called YinMn blue, that has a chemical makeup of Yttrium,
Indium, and Manganese, making it stunningly bright.

Dru Ann Love: Blue – I associate freedom with the color


Saralyn Richard: Red. It’s the color of my stilettos!


Robin Hillyer-Miles: My favorite color is this greenish
color that I can’t describe. I only know it when I see it. A couple of years
ago I was in the car with my mom and I pointed to a building and told her that
it was my favorite color. She said that has been my favorite color since I was
three years old.


Lois Winston: Black – because it’s so slimming!