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Clicking Our Heels –
Astrology and the Stiletto Gang

Although every member of
The Stiletto Gang is a writer, that’s where a lot of our similarities end. This
month we decided to investigate if astrology impacts our differences. We
specifically addressed what our respective birthday months are and whether we
reflect our astrological signs or stones.

Dru Ann Love – March.

Strengths: compassionate, artistic, intuitive,
gentle, wise and musical
Weaknesses: fearful, overly trusting, sad,
desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr
Pisces likes: being alone, sleeping, music,
romance, visual media, swimming, spiritual themes
Pisces dislikes: know-it-all, being
criticized, the past coming back to haunt, cruelty of any kind

Cathy Perkins – I don’t
know much about astrology but I think being on the cusp gives me a blend of
Aquarius’ intellectual approach to life and Pisces’ artistic empathy.

Linda Rodriguez – I am
quadruple Scorpio, which means my sun sign, rising sign, Mercury, and Venus are
in Scorpio. This means passion-and not necessarily only sexual passion, but
passion for all kinds of areas in life – and I am an intensely passionate
person. It also means fierceness, loyalty and commitment, and that I would make
a terrible enemy. All that is true about me. The saving, softening grace is
that I’m on the cusp of Libra, which adds a tendency to see all sides and
natural diplomacy and a desire for everyone around me to be happy.

Paffi S. Flood – My
birthday month is September. That means I’m a Virgo, and, oh, yes, I do. J

Sparkle Abbey – Mary Lee
aka Sparkle’s birth month is February and so falls under the sign of Aquarius. The
traits of the Aquarius sign say those born under this sign are progressive,
original, independent and humanitarian and look at the world as a place of
possibilities. I’d certainly like to think that’s true J. Anita aka Abbey’s
birth month is October which means she’s a Libra. Libra’s are balanced with an
analytical mind, have a social nature and deep commitment to loyalty. They tend
to be idealistic, easy going and rarely feel that fighting or arguments are the
best solution to a problem. That sounds about right.

Debra H. Goldstein
Pisces ….. fluid while I cut through the water

Jennae Phillippe – I am a
September baby, and Virgo. I am amazed how much my work as a therapist finds me
pushed up against astrological signs. People love feeling like they have an
inside track to who another person is, and I feel like signs or the Myers
Briggs personality tests help people feel like they can get a broad sense of
who someone else is. But I think it relies pretty heavily on confirmation bias
– we see Virgo signs in Virgos and ignore everything they say or do that does
not match our idea of them as a Virgo. That being said, people think I match my
sign pretty well.

Bethany Maines – I’m a May
baby, so that makes me an emerald Taurus Snake (Chinese astrology). I’m not
very green, but I’ll own stubborn, and “physically attractive”? My two year old
told me I had nice hair, so I’ll take it.

Paula Gail Benson – My
birthday month is September. I try to be trustworthy, loyal, and hard-working,
Virgo traits. Sometimes my Virgo tendency toward perfectionism can deter me
from getting things done. I love sapphires and have heard them called the
“wisdom stone.”

Kay Kendall – My birthday
month is February. Although I sometimes read my daily or monthly Aquarius
horoscopes in newspapers or magazines (never online), I really don’t think in
astrological terms.

Kimberly Jayne – I’m a
September Libra. If you look in he horoscope guides for the definition of a
Libran, you’ll see my face there – or you should. I’m a classic Libran with the
good and not-so-good character traits. My gemstone is the sapphire, and I do love
that stone when it’s lightest blue, as in the Ceylonese sapphire. They’re