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Why I Do Stuff Ahead of Time by Marilyn Meredith

My to-do list is always full and I try to cross things off as quickly as I can.

I’ve always lived by my calendar and kept track of what is schedules. Every day I check my calendar to see what I’m supposed to do and where I’m supposed to be.

A big disruption happened on Sunday morning. My plan was to go teach my Sunday School class and I had gifts to hand out to my kids who’d learned to say The Lord’s Prayer.

But hubby got up horribly sick with what sounded like pneumonia or bronchitis. I told him I’d take him to urgent care, but I’d like to teach my class first and he could come and pick me up and then we’d go. His answer, “I don’t think I can drive, I’m too dizzy.”

I knew things were serious. I called my daughter who lives 5 minutes away and is the pastor’s wife of our church and told her I needed to take her dad to the ER. She came and drove us down. They took him right in–unusual. Immediately they began monitoring him and were horrified (as were we) to learn his heart was at 30 to 40 beats a minute. Wasn’t long before he was admitted and a cardiologist came to see him and told him he needed a pacemaker.

We let family know and many came to visit from near and far. The pacemaker was installed around noon the next day. Cardiologist said all went well–hubby stayed the night in the hospital and we brought him home the next day at noon.

Daughter chose to spend the next few nights with us and help out. Definitely appreciated.

Of course my to-do list was put on the back burner as well as any writing. Fortunately a newsletter that was due on Thursday had been done. I had to go to a meeting to get information for another–daughter held down the fort– but I had that newsletter nearly finished.

Hubby still has his cold, but he is doing much better, though he needs more help than usual.

My to-do list is still here, but I’ve managed to do a few things. I’m grateful that I always do so much ahead of time.

Marilyn who has put her writing aside for a bit.

We will celebrate our 65th wedding anniversary in October.

And when it began.