Let Freedom Ring!

By Kimberly Jayne

It’s the 4th of July, and a proper day to feel grateful for all the freedoms our forefathers and mothers granted us. As an American, I’m most grateful for the First Amendment, giving me freedom of speech. As an American writer, I can speak whatever my heart desires in my chosen artistic form, be it fanciful fiction, a memoir of my life experience, erotica, or protests against my government. 

Certainly, the United States isn’t perfect, and it’s all too easy to take our freedoms for granted because we’ve never lived without them. But we all recognize that there are people around the world who wouldn’t dare put their thoughts into words or on paper for fear of reprisal or imprisonment by their hostile governments. 

So today, I’m feeling especially grateful for my freedoms. I hope, like me, you will enjoy your holiday with friends and family and celebrate being an American. 


Take My Husband, Please!
By Kimberly Jayne

If you could teach your ex-husband a lesson, would you?

After Sophie files for divorce from Will, his unexpected financial apocalypse brings him back under her roof. Awkward! And if that’s not bad enough, Sophie’s new guy—a sexy and successful entrepreneur—is not keen on dating her without proof that Will is truly out of the picture. Sophie and her best friend concoct a brilliant bet to keep Will “occupied,” but things take a surprise turn for the crazy when Sophie gets roped into sending her ex on five blind dates!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You might even want to Take My Husband, Please! Available on Amazon in ebook and paperback.

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