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Do You Have What It Takes to be a Cheese Whiz? Archaic Words

By Kathleen Kaska  When I worked at Cave Art Press, a small publishing company in Anacortes, one of my tasks was to write the weekly blog posts. It had to address writing styles, grammar and punctuation rules, and the down and dirty of publishing and marketing—and it had to be funny. These blog posts eventually […]

The Art of Letter Writing

  Kathleen Kaska   When was the last time you wrote a letter or received one? With texting, tweeting, emailing, and Facebook messaging available as popular (and expedient) forms of communication, people rarely write letters nowadays. Why bother, you might ask? I just order the book, Chickens, Gin, and a Maine Friendship: The Correspondence of […]

You Lie Down with Dogs, You Wake Up in Hot Water: Metaphors Aren’t Antisocial—But They Don’t Always Mix Well

I love metaphors. When I come across a great one while reading, I write it down as a reminder to spend time crafting them. Here are some musings on metaphors. Mixing metaphors—combining two unrelated idioms—is considered a grammatical faux pas. But in the right circumstances, mixing metaphors fosters a more creative comparison, makes your readers […]

Untitled Post

  Police Blotter Fodder: “To Save Herself, She Bit the Cop on the Leg” Where to Go for Ideas When You Are Stuck by Kathleen Kaska Need an idea for a short story, blog post, or a novel? Check out the newspapers. I don’t necessarily mean the front page. In our town, the most entertaining […]

The Benefits of Podcasts by Kathleen Kaska

Two years ago, I was asked to host a podcast for a local business. Excited to take on something new, I prepared by joining Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills, signing up for a one-day class to learn the mechanics of podcasting, and taking a Creative Life class on conducting podcast interviews. Always a big […]