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Rejection is Knocking Part of any creative endeavor that gets shared with the public is rejection.  I understand that not every person will love my creative projects.  And I even get that somewhere out there is someone who hates my books and art.  In fact, I kind of hope there is.  I would like to […]

A Little Larceny…

Is it Larceny or Just Larcenous? Short stories are their own art form and while I enjoy writing them, I will frequently wait for inspiration to strike rather than trying to force one into existence. And this year, I’ve only had one short idea that I wanted to work on—The Rage Cage.  However, once I […]


The Sasqwatch Film Festival Last year, I connected with a Canadian film director who was looking for a fast, funny, crime-centered short script. Of which I had… zero.  But what I did have was a stack of short stories.  So I transferred one of my short stories to script format.  He loved it, optioned it […]

Valentine’s Noir

Noir? No Are? Nwar?  What now? I occasionally participate in an author event called Noir at the Bar. Local writers bring crime and “noir” themed stories to scandalize listeners with tales of the seedy underbelly of society.  Oh, and also to drink, socialize and terrorize ourselves by reading in public.  This time around our date […]

New Year – New Mystery

2024 Brings in the Mystery As a multi-genre author who has written everything from mystery, sci-fi, crime, and fantasy, I know my genre hopping can get confusing to my readers.  But I started writing back when having a pen name was a closely guarded secret.  Now if you want to write in another genre, people […]

In Defense of the Day Job

A Day Job? Really? I know a lot of writer’s for whom the dream is to ditch the day job and become a Stay-At-Home-Writer.  It would be lovely to be solely supporting myself on my writing. But that’s not financial reality for most writers and I would argue that it shouldn’t be.  I think the […]

It’s a Mystery!

San Juan Islands Mystery #4 This October 23rd will see the release of An Unfinished Storm—book 4 in the San Juan Island Mystery series. When I started the series I had just started my own business, but I was still spending a few hours a week with my grandmother attempting to clean out her house. The […]

Movie Making

Let’s Make a Movie! I’ve have often been told that I write “cinematically”.  I don’t know what that means exactly, but like most writers I’d love to have a movie made of one of my books. And for the past few years, I’ve been experimenting with writing scripts. I took a seminar on how to […]