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Weekend with Friends by Dru Ann Love

by Dru Ann Love Every year me and two of my friends plan a weekend getaway. We’ve been to Boston, Denver, Savannah, and most recently Memphis and Tennessee. Whatever is our destination, I always look to see if I have any author friends in the area and plan a lunch. I like to introduce them […]

Going in . . .by Dru Ann

This past month, I got on a plane or two or three to attend two reader/fan conventions. First was to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Left Coast Crime convention. This was the first time I was in a crowd of over 100 people. Was I anxious, yes, but that feeling of being among your tribe […]

Caddyshack revisited by Dru Ann Love

We have pigeons. They can be annoying when they gather. Especially on my balcony railing. I’ve tried everything. Shooing them off the balcony. Spritzing them with water. And yet the continue to land on my railing and make a mess. Now they come onto the balcony and walk around leaving a mess there as well. […]

Rambles from a reader by Dru Ann Love

I have nothing. I was going to give you stats from my blog, but decided it wasn’t important for this blog. Check out my blog at drusbookmusing.com. Would you like seeing those stats? I was going to talk about return to the office – first week in July. Have you returned back to the office? […]

It’s That Time Again by Dru Ann Love

where I have to come up with a post about whatever. And like always, I have nothing. So I’ll ramble along until my word count reach 150. How is everyone doing during this pandemic crisis? Me, I’m so-so.  When you choose to live alone, it is nothing. You go about your business and life goes […]

Virtual Activities by Dru Ann Love

The year is almost three-quarters done and activities that we would have attended in-person are now virtual. I’ve never gone to a noir before because 1) they are in bars, dark bars 2) they are at night 3) they are never in my neighborhood 4) I prefer not to take trains at night and 5) […]

Reading and Meal Deliveries by Dru Ann Love

Reading is my savior. Because I don’t have to commute to work, I miss that routine of an hour of reading before and after work. I lost my reading mojo when this global crisis started, as I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Words were just words to me. I’m glad I got my reading mojo back, […]

Malice Domestic in pictures by Dru Ann Love

This week I would be winging my way to Bethesda, Maryland for the annual Malice Domestic Convention. As we are still in the midst of a pandemic, this and other major reader/fan conventions have been canceled. Today’s post is a pictorial journey of the fun times had at previous Malice Domestic conventions. . .starting with […]

2020 and J.D. Robb by Dru Ann Love

2020 is here and we are already in the second month and with this post heading into the third month also known as my birthday month. When 2020 starts, it means reader/fan conventions will soon be upon us. For the first time in several years, I’m not going to Left Coast Crime. I had planned […]