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Off to camp…

by Debra Sennefelder I’m all packed for camp…but there’s one thing missing from this photo and that’s my laptop because the camp I’m participating in July is Camp Nanowrimo. 😆 Seriously…I don’t camp. Never had. Not even when I was a girl scout.  So, what the heck am I doing? Camp Nano (National Novel Writing […]

Sleuthing In Stilettos Has A Cover

  Happy June! Can you believe we’re six months into 2022? It feels like I blinked and the year was half over. Honestly, I hope the same happens for the next three months because I really dislike the hot, humid weather. I’m much more a fall kinda gal. 🙂 But, the month I’m really looking […]

Untitled Post

 Five Tips for Meal Planning It’s no secret, I’m a hardcore plotter when it comes to my writing. I’m also a serious planner girl who reaches for her Erin Condren planner constantly throughout the day. So it’s no surprise that I’ve embraced meal planning. And today I’m going to share with you why I have […]

Writer and Paper Organization

by Debra Sennefelder   We’re three months into the new year, and I’m reviewing the yearly goals I set in 2021. One has a check mark next to it – all done! And what a relief it is because it’s the manuscript due to my editor in May. The other goals are either in progress […]

How the Resale Boutique Mystery Series Happened

 By Debra Sennefelder   I’ve completed  SLEUTHING IN STILETTOS, the next Resale Boutique Mystery eaturing fashionista-turned-amateur sleuth Kelly Quinn. She’s a hoot to write and I’m so grateful that somehow, someway the nugget of her character graced me one day allowing me to create (in my opinion) a fun, multi-dimensional, strong female character.  One question […]

A Morning Routine For Real People

New year, new habits, new routines, new goals. It’s that time again to re-evaluate everything in our life. Happy New Year! I thought I’d share with you a routine that I’ve been struggling with since March 2020 (you all know what happened back then, no need to rehash, right?). Up until that month, my morning […]

It’s Release Month for BEAUTY AND THE DECEASED

  Happy December!    There’s so much to be excited about this month. Christmas is just a few weeks away and in a few short days, BEAUTY AND THE DECEASED will be released!  Doesn’t the cover just give you all the warm, summery beach vibes we’ll be dreaming of in a few weeks? Well, if […]

5 Things I Need to Write Every Day

 Debra Sennefelder     Since I became a full-time author in 2017, how I work has evolved. I went from squeezing a few hundred words in during a lunch break when I worked a 9-5 to scheduling writing sprints to accomplish a daily word count of 3,000 words. So, I thought today I’d share with […]

Feeling the Halloween Vibes

  by Debra Sennefelder     Happy October! This has to be my favorite month of the years for so many reasons. I love sweater weather and seeing big, fat orange pumpkins always makes me smile. I enjoy layering my home in warmth with cozy throws and fragrant candles. Last year was the first time […]

Release month for THE CORPSE IN THE GAZEBO

  Happy September! How’s everyone doing? I’m very excited this month because it’s release month for THE CORPSE IN THE GAZEBO. Whoa-hoo!!! Launching the fifth book in the series out into the world is a combination of excitement (which you already I’m feeling) and worry. There’s so much to worry about when a book is […]