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The Unpackables

By Barbara J Eikmeier I was prepping a sheet pan for a dinner of oven roasted veggies when I ran out of non-stick spray. Shaking the container I didn’t hear or feel even a drop sloshing around in the can. In 38 years of marriage, I’ve rarely emptied a can of Pam. It isn’t that […]

Getting Stronger

By Barbara J. Eikmeier I lift weights. Twice a week my husband and I go to the gym. The nutritionist at the army health clinic told me about the weight training room. She said as we age it is important to do weight bearing exercises to keep our bones strong and joints limber. “Just go […]

Fake Eyelashes

 By Barbara J. Eikmeier Not long ago while watching the news my husband said, “That lady must have something in her eye, look how she’s blinking.” I watched for a few seconds, noticing her beautiful eye makeup and said, “Nah, she’s doing that because she’s wearing fake eyelashes.” I recognized the rapid blinking from my […]

The Year of the Tiger

 by Barbara J. Eikmeier 2022 is the year of the tiger. As images of Lunar New Year celebrations scrolled across social media, I remembered that my son was born in the year of the tiger. Immediately I knew, with a little shock, that he will be 36 this year.  It’s not that I always know […]

Write What You Know

By Barbrara J. Eikmeier Hi! I’m a newcomer on the blog. Let me introduce myself: Most people call me Barb but I always use my full name when I’m writing. I live in Kansas where my full time job is a quilting designer, teacher and author. I travel all around the country (and via Zoom) […]