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The Classic Camel Coat

I gave away my winter coat. It was a long wool coat with generous sleeves, easy to fit over a bulky sweater or blazer. It was a classic style: Notched collar, button front, buttoned bands at the sleeves. It was camel colored. The same color as my dog. Some would call this coat ageless – […]

Thoughts on an aging mother

By Barbara J Eikmeier My mother, at age 91, helped me up off the floor. It was one of those moments that will stay with me for a long time. Dementia has left her passive. Arthritis has left her bent over at the waist and often in pain. She uses a walker, moves very slowly, […]

The Places We Go

By Barbara J Eikmeier One of my favorite things about reading is “going to new places” when the setting in the story takes me away. Sometimes I unintentionally read several books set in similar places, such as WW2 Europe. Or, I end up reading books where the setting is either not well developed or not […]

Sunrise, Sunset

By Barbara J. Eikmeier I once read that for health and prosperity a person should strive to watch two sunrises a year. I know there are some people who see two or three hundred sunrises a year. I’m not one of them. As for sunsets, I’m well-rehearsed on the shift of colors, time of day […]

My Rare Pink Rocks

By Barbara J. Eikmeier For many years I collected sea glass. I filled a small jar with pieces from beaches in Hawaii and California. It took a long time to fill my jar. Imagine my surprise when my sister took me to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. I felt like there was more glass […]

Designated Parking

By Barbara J Eikmeier It’s back-to-school-time which means it’s time to paint the high school parking lot AGAIN. An annual tradition at our local high school, it’s a senior privilege. My children didn’t attend this school, so I’m strictly an observer of the annual changing of the guard in the school parking lot – a […]

Storm Chasers

By Barbara J Eikmeier Living in Kansas goes hand in hand with spring storms – usually wind and rain, dramatic thunder, sometimes accompanied by hail, and less often, an actual tornado. On occasion we will see storm chasers on the highway, heading toward the dark spot on the horizon – traveling toward that which we […]

Hooked on Podcasts

  By Barbara J Eikmeier I’ve become a Podcast junkie. It happened rather innocently when, last September, I had eye surgery. For the first 48 hours post-op I had to alternate ice packs 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off while awake.  Then I switched to warm compresses for 20 minutes four times a day […]