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Woman of the Year

Woman of the Year By Saralyn Richard   I found out in April that the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce would be celebrating me as a Woman of the Year for 2023. The announcement, broadcast live on social media, came as a total surprise—overwhelming to this day. The honor entails participating in an all-day video […]

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance by Saralyn Richard   I was recently asked in a video interview what my work-life balance looked like. I had to laugh. I’m sorry to say I’ve never perfected work-life balance, and I’ve never really tried. While I’m a perfectionist in many things, anything that requires me to pay attention to time […]

What Makes Me Happy

What Makes Me Happy By Saralyn Richard   Recently, one of my writer friends, Kathleen Kaska, featured me in her newsletter, the theme of which was: What Makes You Happy? I had fun answering Kathleen’s questions and thought I’d share them with you. What makes you happy? children and dogs! A long-time educator, I taught […]

Fighting the Good Fight

Fighting the Good Fight—For the Arts by Saralyn Richard My first foray into the world of teaching was as an English instructor, and I learned a lot about working with students in a required academic subject.  Several years into that career, I earned a graduate degree in administration, and I switched out of the English […]

Are You a Readaholic?

Are You a Readaholic? by Saralyn Richard   I’m a readaholic, and my addiction began when I was two years old! My mother realized that I was reading, and she encouraged me by taking me to the children’s section of the library and loading me up with all the books allowed for checkout at one […]

Teaching Creative Writing

Teaching Creative Writing By Saralyn Richard I always wanted to be an author, but I was sidetracked into teaching by my parents, who felt writing was not a real job. I didn’t mind that much. I loved teaching, too, and when the opportunity arose for me to teach creative writing to high school students, I […]


by Saralyn Richard   Do good fences make good neighbors? In the past few months, I’ve gained new neighbors on either side of my house. There’s a brand-spanking-new fence between my yard and that of the neighbor to the north. There’s no fence between my yard and that of the neighbor to the south. I […]

Sharing the Spotlight

Sharing the Spotlight by Saralyn Richard   When BAD BLOOD SISTERS came out last March, a book club chose it as its first selection, and invited me to speak. This was no ordinary book club. It was the Elks Lodge #126, and they were fund-raising for the Texas Elks Children’s Services, Inc. So enthusiastic were […]