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Always the Season for Kindness

By Saralyn Richard When I was an English I teacher, I assigned my students a “Day of Kindness” paper, based on the Shirley Jackson short story, “One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts.” The resulting papers and speeches led to a powerful discussion of good and evil, and how doing good deeds made the world a better […]


I’m often asked which of my books is my favorite, and I can never answer directly. It’s like picking one of your children over the others. I love every book for its unique qualities, its characters, its relationship to my own life. BAD BLOOD SISTERS is my first book set in my hometown, on an […]

Spotlighting an SG Sister

Having read T.K. Thorne’s House of Rose, and loved it, I’m obsessed with how one person could accomplish so much while excelling at everything. If you want to know, too, read on.   T.K.Thorne has been passionate about storytelling since she was a young girl, and that passion only deepened when she became a police […]

Live Theater

   When I was a little girl, my mother made sure I was exposed to books, music, movies, and live theater. She explained these were important ways to learn about and experience culture. The lessons “took,” and my support for the arts cemented. My entire life I’ve been an avid consumer and patron of the […]

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  Scouting for Good Reads by Saralyn Richard   One of my most memorable activities from childhood was being a part of the Girl Scouts. My Girl Scout troop was phenomenal. Our leaders, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Martin, made sure every meeting was a learning experience and a social experience worth our time and effort. […]

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Why Books are Better for Your Brain By Saralyn Richard   Since the beginning of television, debates have been held over the benefits of reading over TV watching or vice versa. Some of the tried-and-true arguments include: ·         Reading allows you to form pictures in your brain, which involves more creativity and imagination than having […]

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  Settings by Saralyn Richard   The five books I’ve written have three distinct settings, all different, all places that I know and love. The two books in the Detective Parrott mystery series take place in Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania. I have family members who live there, and I’ve been privileged to visit many times. A […]

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  Welcome to the World by Saralyn Richard There’s a reason launching a book is often compared to delivering a baby. Books are conceived in passion—whether love, hate, anger, or shame—they begin from a deep-seated surge of emotion. The iimpetus for the book grows and develops into something tangible, something very personal and worthy. After […]

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  Happy Valentine’s Day by Saralyn Richard   Today is Valentine’s Day, and I hope you are spending the holiday enjoying the people, places, and things you love most. As for me, I can’t help thinking of my most cherished Valentine’s Day gifts over the years–you guessed it–books. Unlike the more traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, […]