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A Ghostly Encounter

I am a certified city of Charleston tour guide. Sometimes I give ghost tours. Once one of the tourists told me that what was scary about my ghost stories was that I told them as a matter of fact, not fantasy.   Well, it’s because I’ve had a few ghostly encounters. I thought you might […]

Cry Baby

    The summer I was five, my mother had me tested to see if I was ready to attend school. You see, I would cry when I got overwhelmed. Now that’s probably called social anxiety but back then it was, “get over yourself and do it.” The person testing me told my mom to send […]

Thanksgiving – Past and Present – with recipes!

Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m having some issues with the tradition of the friendly pilgrims inviting Native Americans to a community meal as a new light on the subject shows that’s false news. So, this year we will search for heritage-based foods that the Native Americans would have eaten, which includes wild rice and […]

Cathy’s Corner

Y’all! I’m putting this out here so y’all can call me out in case I don’t follow through. Ha. How’s that for being an obliger? Yes, that’s me. Here’s the opening of my “will be published by January 2021” novel. I’m hoping I beat this deadline but it is 2020. The title is Cathy’s Corner. […]

A Charleston Alley

– Today I share a short-short story while I’m finishing up my newest novel. I hope you have a fantastic September and all those in school have a lovely experience this year. My son’s currently a high school senior and taking virtual high school and college courses.  A Charleston Alley I ducked into the alley […]

Television Mysteries

We’re running out of mysteries to watch. Can you believe it?   We’re particularly fond of British and Australian mysteries. We’ve seen them all. Name one. We’ve seen it. The old ones, the new ones, the Canadian ones (Murdoch Mysteries is a favorite), and we still seek out more.    Hallmark Channel has a wide […]


Sam, their son, threw a rock into the creek. “Kerplunk!” he said as he jumped up and down punching fists into the air.  Cameron smiled and turned James, her husband, to share in the joy of a perfect child. “He is fun,” James said in reply to her smile. He put his arm around her […]

Visions of the Future

He says he fell in the deep end,thank goodness, or he’d’ve hit his head on the steps. Y’all my 65-year-old fully dressed husband fell into our pool whilst washing down the deck. It reminded me of something I’ve seen recently that said “You can tell if you’re old by how people react when you fall. […]