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by Bethany Maines Recently, I was working on a bit of research for a novel and was forced to reach up into my library of reference books… OK, let’s just pause and admit that’s how old I am.  I have reference books.  When I wrote my first novel, Bulletproof Mascara, my heroine was a linguist, […]

Holiday Novella

by Bethany Maines A New Holiday Novella Oh my goodness!  COVID down time actually came through for me this year and I have finished, yes that’s right actually finished, the holiday novella I’ve been planning on getting around to for last THREE years.  Way back in 2017 I completed what I would consider a long […]

Maverick Release Day

by Bethany Maines Release Day There comes a time in every author’s life when they just go mad and shout “EEET’S ALIVVVVVVVVVVE!” like a mad scientist.  Usually that time is 12:01 am on the release day of their latest book. Yesterday was that day for me. Maverick, the latest in my Paranormal Romance world of […]

New Website

Welcome to the brand new website for the Stiletto Gang! The Stiletto Gang is excited to announce our new website. We think you’re going to love it! In fact, you are the reason we moved from Blogger to WordPress and created our new website. Readers were frustrated that they couldn’t get digest emails (sign up in […]

The Parts of a Book

  By Bethany Maines   Recently, we’ve added Harry Potter to our daughter’s bedtime story reading.  Once we’ve completed a book, we watch the movie version.  But then, of course, she wanted a wand and an owl. There’s not much I can do about the owl, but a kindly auntie did provide a wand for […]


 by Bethany Maines One of my manuscript was recently rejected.  And you can guess how I feel about that. Not good.  I think the harshest part was that the editor took the time to reject it personally.  When you get a form letter, you can pretend that no one really read it and that your […]

Who Wants a Free Book!?

 by Bethany Maines Whew! I can’t believe we’re half-way through April already!  Where did the last three months go? How did I get here? As I’ve blogged about previously, I decided to do an experiment in book launching for my most recent series by putting out all three books of the 3 Colors Trilogy in […]

Author Goals

 by Bethany Maines Each writer has their own reason for putting cursor to word doc, but in general it’s because we have a story to tell. And as we develop the story, writers have to live outside the moment and wrap their heads around the entire plot. This goes double when it comes to writing […]

A Little Red

 by Bethany Maines Tomorrow is release day for A Little Red, book 1 of my newest series – The 3 Colors Trilogy.  I’m trying several new things with this series. While I’ve written fantasy before, I’ve never tried my hand at paranormal romance.  I’m also using a quick release strategy and putting out the entire […]