Echo words anyone?

Echo words anyone? (And other hiccups)

Every time I reach what I hope is the last version of my manuscript before I publish it, I read it aloud to find anything that I’ve missed that needs correction. The little devil on one shoulder says, “Don’t waste time reading it aloud. It’s fine. It’s a pretty cool book.” The little angel on the other shoulder says, “Even though you don’t want to spend the time reading it aloud, you know you’ll find so many things that need to be fixed. Fix it, and then it will actually be really cool, and you’ll be pretty happy.” So, actually, whether or not I want to spend the time, I always read it aloud. And actually, I find so many things that need to be fixed that I’m pretty happy that I’ve read it aloud. Other writers say to let it sit awhile before you do that. I know I should wait awhile, but, actually, I don’t always wait awhile to read it. Whether or not you read your manuscript aloud, or print it out like we did in the old days, let it sit awhile, and then read it, I urge you to do one or the other, so you’ll be pretty happy, too.



Susan P. Baker’s 6th Mavis Davis mystery, The Underground Murders, will be released in July.