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The Accent Mark Goes Here

 by Bethany Maines You know how Madonna now talks with a British accent?  And everyone kind of mocks her?  It is annoying to have someone you know grew up in Michigan try and sound all posh, but at the same time… I would be the same way.  I once realized that I had been watching […]

The Path Through the Forest of Words

 by Bethany Maines Writing is both hard and easy.  Like a lot of things, it’s a relatively simple process that is accessible to just about everyone.  Sit, type, repeat, and you’ve got a book.  Also like a lot of things, doing it well is something that takes years of practice and refinement. And the better […]

Welcome to the Holidays!

We here at the Stiletto Gang love our readers and hope that you’re all healthy and happy this holiday season. We’ve put together a list of our recent works to inspire you during the gift shopping free-for-all of Black Friday. Aside from some fantastic sales many of the gang are offering giveaways and free books. […]

Introducing Lois Winston!

by Bethany Maines Bethany Maines    Lois Winston As many of you know, I’m a mom with a full time job as well as an author. And while all of that is challenging enough, the pandemic has brought many fresh and special new problems. To free up some of my time I’m relinquishing one of […]

Release Day!

by Bethany Maines My latest book baby has been released into the wild. The Cinderella Secret, book 2 of The Deveraux Legacy series, is a romantic suspense with plenty of action, feminist flare and a hero and heroine who had to learn to literally take their masks off to find true love. And my darling book […]

New Things

 by Bethany Maines I once had a cousin/uncle/grandparent-ish person (he was my second cousin once-removed if you want to get technical here, but the point is that he was in his eighties and I was around ten, you get the idea) who once posed the question that I probably wasn’t supposed to hear – what’s […]

The Waffle House

by Bethany Maines So, I forgot that I was supposed to blog today and instead used my few minutes of writing time to write a scene where two of my characters go to a Waffle House.  But as a west coast resident, I’ve never actually been to a Waffle House.  As a result, I spent […]

Fall! Bombs Away!

 by Bethany Maines Does anyone else feel like Fall just hit with a sledgehammer?  The weather shifted, everything started getting colder and book release dates started cropping up faster than weeds in my lawn. Our own Debra Sennefelder put out the fashion / Halloween themed mystery What Not to Wear to a Graveyard (see her post […]

Play Ball!

by Bethany Maines I recently read Dru Ann Love’s post about all her virtual conference activities.  It was nice to hear that someone else is platform bouncing as much as I am.  Zoom and GoToWebinar and Facebook Live and, and, and… whew.  The list goes on.  I’m going to get Zoom burn out before I […]

Thorny Problems

  by Bethany Maines This week has been a bit of roller coaster ride for my writing.  I received some very excellent news which them prompted me to move up several items on my to-do list, which further caused me to do the thing that I had been dreading… Call Apple Support to fix a […]