Review of A Very Stable Genius by Juliana Aragón Fatula

Here is a link to a review by the Washington Post writer, Joe Klein, the author of seven books, including Primary Colors” and, most recently, “Charlie Mike.”

Dear Reader,

I admit, I’ve been doing more reading than writing lately. I’ve taken a break from writing to read some really great books on Audible. I love books read to me by great actors, journalists, or the author.

In order to keep up with the politics of the nation during this historic time in our lives, I’ve begun listening to books about the leader and very stable genius, Donald Trump. I try to keep an open mind and listen and learn. I’ve learned a great deal about this man and I have to report, I don’t like him.

If he invited me to the White House, I’d have to respond, with thanks, but no thanks, I’ll wait until a make America united president comes into office. The books I’ve read have led me to make a judgment about a man I’ve never met and never want to meet. He’s a pussy grabber after all.

The journalists who wrote A Very Stable Genius, Philip Rucker and Carol
are both Pulitzer Prize Winners for their previous work. I respect them and their dedication to telling the facts about the state of the union. I enjoyed the book very much, but I kept asking myself, “who told them that?” or “where did they get that information?” questions like, “if you weren’t in the room with the President, how do you know what he said?”

I admit, I fell asleep a couple of times but only because I put on the headphones and went to bed and set the alarm for thirty minutes and fell asleep after fifteen. If I didn’t set an alarm, I’d wake up and be way ahead and have to rewind a few chapters. I find it very relaxing to read books and they also put me to sleep if I get too comfortable. But during the day I can listen while I do housework and use Bluetooth technology to go wireless. I love the freedom.  It’s a tough choice between listening to Reggae and dancing while I cook and clean, or listening to a historical political book. I try to balance between getting some groove on and learning something new.

I’d recommend reading A Very Stable Genius if you are interested in hearing about the Mueller Report if you haven’t read that, but I had read the report and found the information redundant. I enjoyed being a fly on the wall while Trump’s kids bullied their way into the oval office and into the nepotism of having national security information clearance.

I’m concerned about the good ol’ USA and the world for that matter, Climate Change, Global Warming, Corona Virus, but I know that everything is going to be ok, or not and there’s only one thing to change the outcome and that is to vote for change.

The young people are becoming of age to vote and they will have to vote in droves to make a dent in society and the way politics are being operated out of this White House. I dare say, the world is in their hands and it’s up to all of us to make sure we are well read and educated about the world before we vote. So I continue to read these books written by journalists who are covering the stories and I suggest you do the same so that we vote with the knowledge of history and what this country was built on and by, immigrants who came for a better life.

I want a president who doesn’t grab pussies or cage babies or fire CDC officials or lie to the public about everything and hides his secrets like a mafia king. Not everyone agrees with me. Some of my readers might be upset that I write about Trump this way, but my readers are like me, educated, well read and hopeful for a bright future.

My father always told me the root of racism is ignorance. Reading for fun is relaxing, but reading about our country’s history and politics can be illuminating.