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I HEART The Stiletto Gang!

Paula Gail Benson

this lovely month, I have to admit, I adore my Stiletto Gang blogging partners.

a truly delightful group with which to be affiliated!

opportunity to join this blogging band came from two outstanding writers: Linda
Rodriguez, acclaimed mystery author, poet, and writing teacher, and Debra Goldstein,
former judge, award nominated short story writer, and author of several mystery
series, including the new Sarah Blair One
Taste Too Many
. Not only do I respect these wonderful women, but I feel
incredibly lucky to count them among my friends. So many times they have come
through with a word of encouragement to me when it was so needed. And, I love
reading their work!

I was
fortunate enough to room with Debra and Kay Kendall at Killer Nashville the
year Kay’s novel Rainy Day Women (how
could you not love a book with that title?) received two Silver Falchion awards:
(1) best mystery/crime novel (presented by Anne Perry), and (2) best book by an
attending author (presented by conference founder Clay Stafford). On the night
of the banquet, I had called it an early evening, but understand when they came
in from celebrating that I raised an arm in salute before returning to sleep.
We continued partying after we all woke the next day.

introduced me to T.K. Thorne’s beautiful writing by sending me a copy of T.K.’s
Noah’s Wife. T.K. tells history in an
involving manner and her descriptions bring you right to the heart of the

Randall and I got to know each other by blogging with Writers Who Kill. We met in
person at Malice Domestic. This year, I am so proud to be celebrating her
Agatha nomination for best first novel, Curses,
Boiled Again!
, an Allie Larkin/Lobster Shack mystery. I’m also glad that we
share past careers as librarians!

Maines continues to amaze me with her boundless enthusiasm and the scope of her
work. As Publishers’ Weekly put it: “Maines deftly combines humor with action.”
You go girl, and keep going!

had the privilege of moderating a Malice Domestic panel with the Sparkle Abbey team of Mary Lee
Woods and Anita Carter. What a Dynamic Duo! I loved hearing
about their writing process and they are so much fun.

her, Dru Ann Love, brings joy to so many people just by signing into Facebook
early each morning with a hello and happy message. Her blog has spotlighted so
may fine authors and been nominated for numerous awards. She is the proud
recipient of the 2017 MWA Raven. But, I’ll never forget, when she made a trip
to Charleston, S.C., she asked me to join her with Dorothy McFalls for a day of
fabulous exploration and food. Thank you, Dru!

Today bestselling author Julie Mulhern writes the Country Club Murders and has
just begun a new Poppy Fields Adventures series. A.B. Plum has an impressive
list of psychological thrillers. J.M. Phillippe made my holiday season with her
paranormal holiday novella, The Christmas
, about Charlene Dickenson, who must navigate her way through an
unexpected spirit life. It’s a terrific read.

Perkins and I share a background of being raised in South Carolina. Cathy now lives in
Washington and writes financially-based mysteries. Her work has won several
awards, including the distinguished Claymore at Killer Nashville.

Penz Sheluk and Lynn McPherson are our Canadian contingent. Judy and I have
been fellow Guppies (members of the online Sisters in Crime group that
originated to celebrate the “great unpublished”). I’m so impressed that in
addition to her own writing, she also runs Superior Shores Press, her own
imprint. Lynn McPherson writes the light-hearted Izzy Walsh mystery series that
takes place in the 1950s on the New England coast. Her second novel, The Girls Whispered Murder, came out in

poet extraordinaire Juliana Aragon Fatula has just joined us. I love what
Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on
Mango Street
, says about Juliana’s work: “[she]writes histories so
terrifying they feel as if they were written with a knife. . . . Her
fearlessness is inspirational.” Wow. I can’t wait to read Red Canyon Falling on Churches.

here is my Valentine’s message to my terrific blogging partners:

heels in the morning
a day of nonconforming.

heels at night
a dancing invite.

stilettos of red
one can be blue
follow the thread
Of your
writing bold and true

And, don’t let me
finish without saying, I heart each of YOU!