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Swiss Cheese Brain

Cheese Brain by Debra H. Goldstein
having a brain that feels like a piece of swiss cheese has its benefits. Some
of you know I had surgery, under general anesthesia, last week to remove the
hardware from when my foot was rebuilt a few years ago. Although I almost
immediately traded the opiate pain pills for over the counter medication, I discovered
my brain continued working in gaps. I’d have a thought and then it would fade
away as my eyes closed. I’d snap back into the moment before again losing time.
exactly what a Type A personality wants to have happening. I fought against the
drowsiness and the loss of what seemed to be logical brain connections, but I
didn’t win. If anything, it exhausted me more. So, I decided to surrender.
Once I gave
up, I saw things with more clarity (except for where the holes were). I
realized that sometimes we can’t control the moment or what we want to do any more
than we can dictate the flow of a story or the behavior of a character. Pushing
against what the story or characters want usually results in flat writing or a
dead end. Better to give in until the flow begins anew.

still taking it easy, but my eyes are brighter and my mind not as
circuitous.  Those characters and ideas
better watch out!