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Refilling the Well

 by Sparkle Abbey

is finished! We turned in book 8, Raiders
of the Lost Bark.

we turn in a book, the question we get asked most often is, “What’s next?”

getting more than five hours of sleep a night?

refill the creative well.

is exhausting and primarily a solitary occupation. It’s easy to become isolated,
spending months thinking, planning, plotting, writing, and rewriting. It
requires a significant amount of mental energy to stay focused on a creative
project for that long. Yet we only get better by practicing our craft, which
means more writing.

constantly writing, we drain our creativity. At some point we have to give our minds
a break. So how do we give back to that source we’ve so thoroughly drained for

after a quick celebration with margaritas (you knew that was coming, right?),
we begin to take a short mental break from the work and make “refilling the
creative well” our main focus. Since we don’t have a beach close by we have to
come up with other ideas.

we reintroduce ourselves to our families who have probably only seen the backside of
our heads for weeks. Then we may catch up on all the TV shows our families have
recorded for us. Read the books that have been stacked on our nightstands or
added to our Kindles while we were on deadline. We try to catch a movie or two,
and make a concerted effort to restart our exercise plan of daily yoga and
walking. If possible, we’ll attend a writing related workshop or conference. If
we had hobbies, we’d probably take them up again after neglecting them for
favorite way to refill the well is to spend time with our family and friends. We
laugh, make new memories, and experience the world through the eyes of our
grandchildren. Is there anything better than that? We don’t think so either.

after a couple of weeks, once we’ve caught up on housework, social media, and paying
the bills we re-evaluate our goals. We prioritize. Refocus on the steps needed
to take us further in our writing journey.

then we start the madness all over again, because writing is our passion.

about you? How do you refill your well?

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Independence Day Celebrations

by Sparkle Abbey

Laguna Beach Fireworks

Around the U.S. plans are being made for the upcoming Independence Day weekend. In Laguna Beach where the Pampered Pets Mysteries are set, residents and visitors will be celebrating the 4th of July holiday with free admission to the Art-a-Fair Fine Arts Festival and a patriotic band concert at 10:30 AM by the Laguna Concert Band. Then in the evening there will be fireworks originating from Monument Point at Heisler Park. With the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop, we bet they’ll be awesome!

Concert at Iowa State Capitol
Yankee Doodle Pops Iowa Capitol

Here in the Midwest, there will be parades with floats, high school marching bands, kids on bikes festooned with red, white and blue streamers. Later on there will be picnics, swimming, and community fireworks.  Some of the festivities begin today with the symphony’s Yankee Doodle Pops at the State Capitol. This year’s theme is America’s Musical Heartland which includes a commissioned movement, Symphony On A Stick, which depicts in music the sights and sounds of the Iowa State Fair. (At the Iowa State Fair, which isn’t until August, you can find almost any type of food on a stick.)

Dogs in sunglassesWe love the tradition of family get-togethers on the 4th.  Our celebrations will most likely include friends and family and fireworks. Parades, food on the grill and sparklers for the kids. What about you? What are your plans for the weekend? A cook-out or picnic? A lawn chair and a book? Check out our Pinterest board Celebrations for some other ideas for special Independence Day snacks. Leave a comment below to be entered in the #giveaway for a free Sparkle Abbey book and summer celebration reading tote!

Downton Tabby Cover

In our latest book, Downton Tabby, pet therapist, Caro Lamont, agrees to keep an office mate’s cat while he runs home. Little does she know that charming Brit, Graham Cash, will not be coming back for his feline anytime soon. Soon there’s a dead body, a missing person, a snoopy reporter, and a mysterious SUV. In short order Caro and the rest of her crew are involved in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Sparkle Abbey is the pseudonym of mystery authors Mary Lee Woods and Anita Carter. They’ve chosen to use Sparkle Abbey as their pen name because they liked the idea of combining the names of their two rescue pets – Sparkle (ML’s cat) and Abbey (Anita’s dog). The authors co-write the bestselling Pampered Pets Mystery Series which focuses on the wacky world of precious pedigrees, pampered pooches, and secrets in posh Laguna Beach, California.

They love to hear from readers so stop by their website: www.sparkleabbey.com 
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Next up? Book 8: Raiders of the Lost Bark