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Gay Yellen: Frivolous in February

To battle the bleak winter, I’ve been searching for pleasant distractions. This month, I discovered a bit of silliness happening in February. 

Writing fuel.

But first, a prequel.

January officially marked National Oatmeal Month. Also Hot Tea Month. And Soup Month. They’re all great sustenance when it’s cold outside, but for spreading cheer? Blah.

Thank goodness for February! All four weeks of it are chock-full of celebrations across the U.S. of A.

Aside from the birthdays of heroes like Washington, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Susan B. Anthony, February is also National Heart Month and Black History Month.

And National Bird-feeding Month! I do hope our feathered friends can find food on their own afterwards.

Speaking of helping fellow animals, National Random Acts of Kindness Day arrives on the 17th. Let’s all be kind and mask up.

Now,  back to food.

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, anyone?

If you’re like Samantha Newman—the protagonist in my mystery series—you’ll be glad to know that February offers up National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Sam seldom misses the chance for ice cream anytime, or doughnuts, or just about anything tasty. How she stays slim is a mystery in itself.

Lucky for everyone, today is National Pizza Day. Coming up, Chinese New Year. Have you ever been to a Lunar New Year Celebration? It’s quite a feast, complete with acrobats, dragons, and lots of noisy fun.

If you’re lonesome on the 14th (Valentine’s Day), take heart. I Want Butterscotch Day is the 15th, followed by National Pancake Day.

The 20th? Cherry Pie Day. I’ll have a big slice of that, thank you.

The 23rd is Banana Bread Day. Rumor has it that in 2020, more banana bread was baked by stuck-at-home folks than in any year since 1945. It’s also National Pie Day. Feel free to grab another cherry, or try a bourbon pecan or coconut cream. Or perhaps another pizza.

Chocolate Soufflé Day rounds out the month on February 28th. And if you’ve diligently observed the all the aforementioned special days, you’re likely rounded out, too.

But in case you want more, stick around for February 29, 2024, when we’ll celebrate National Frog Legs Day. 🐸Leap day, get it? 🐸

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry.

What’s your favorite February treat?

Gay Yellen is a former magazine and book editor. She writes the award-winning Samantha Newman Mystery Series, including The Body Business and The Body Next Door. Book #3 in the series is slated for release in 2021. Gay would love to hear from you, here, on Facebook, or at her website, GayYellen.com.