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Merry Christmas!

by Bethany Maines

Some years I’m more into the Christmas spirit than others.  This year I started listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I’ve squeezed in my favorite Christmas movies – White Christmas and Die Hard. I have decorated the mantle with every single Christmas card, including the one from the distant family friends that came with a two page letter (who has the time for that??).  And I have wrapped all the presents and bought all the stuffs. Christmas is happening at my place. 

But not all years are filled with the Yuletide joy.  And I do remember a few seasons in which I wanted to stab the eye out of the next bell ringer and I deeply resonated with Hans Gruber.  Well, I mean to be honest, I still resonate with Hans Gruber.  Who doesn’t want 600 million in bearer bonds and who wouldn’t get mad about some stupid NYC cop ruining a perfectly good heist?  I mean, really.

But whether you’re feeling like curling up away from everyone with a good book (ahem, here’s a few you might like – Bethany Maines on Amazon) or you’re going to be rocking it with family and friends – I wish you a Merry Christmas and a restful vacation.  And as Hans once said, “It’s Christmas, Theo — it’s the time of miracles.” So maybe this year we’ll all get our Christmas wishes (and 600 million in bearer bonds).


Bethany Maines is the award-winning author of the Carrie Mae Mysteries, San Juan Islands Mysteries, Shark Santoyo Crime Series, and numerous
short stories. When she’s not traveling to exotic lands, or kicking some
serious butt with her black belt in karate, she can be found chasing her
daughter or glued to the computer working on her next novel.
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In Pursuit of Boredom

by Bethany Maines

‘Tis the day before Christmas and all through the house all
the adults were panicking because… apparently, that’s what adults do?  I swear when I was a kid there was not
this much holiday panic. Did my parents just have it more together?  I remember the cleaning freak-out of
throwing everything in a closet moments before guests arrive, but I don’t
remember all of this “NOT ENOUGH TIME.” 
I don’t mind being old. There are those that say I’ve been a
grumpy old man since I was 21. 
Which I dispute; I’m not a man for one thing.  And I don’t believe I’m grumpy, so much as, based in a
reality that doesn’t like to admit idiots.  Anyway, I don’t mind being old.  There’s lots of wisdom to be gained in the aging process,
but I do wish we could go back to the childhood days when I used to get
bored.  Being bored takes an
extended amount of time.  You have
to have a good run of nothing to do and Wheel of Fortune re-runs to get well
and truly bored.  And who has time
for that anymore?  I have a hard
time squeezing in the hours to read a good book (let alone write one)!

So for Christmas, if you want to give me a gift – don’t. Or
better yet, give me the gift of not asking me to do anything. Just join me on
the couch for another viewing of Die Hard (a great Christmas movie) and pass
the cookie tin.  I wish the same to
you and yours this holiday season! 

Bethany Maines
is the author of the Carrie Mae Mystery series and Tales
from the City of Destiny
. You can also view the Carrie Mae youtube video or catch up with her on Twitter and Facebook.