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Short post

This week is an exciting week for me as I will be awarded the MWA Raven Award on Thursday. I have to give a speech. Too frightening for me, but I’m going to do it. I wrote it. I read it out loud. Made changes and I hope I don’t ramble when I get up to the podium. All my life, I shied away from public speaking. This will definitely be a stepping out of my comfort zone moment.

So, tell me, how do you cope with stepping out of your comfort zone?

Bouchercon in Albany

This is my third year attending Bouchercon, which gives me the chance to visit cities that may or may not have been on my radar. So far I’ve been to St. Louis and Cleveland and got to see their main tourist attraction, that being the Arch and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This year, Bouchercon was in my home state and its capital, Albany. I’ve never been there and I was excited to see the governor’s mansion and the state capital building. I suspect their main attraction is the EGG, which is part of the Empire State Plaza.

Friends: As always, it is great seeing old friends and meeting new friends face-to-face. The power of social media makes this happens. I’ve also stopped saying “I’m a just reader” when asked what am I. Now I say, “I’m a blogger, reviewer and a reader” as I have been told.

Panels: There were so many panels to choose from attending several of the panels that were offered. One panel had Brad Parks turn from book author to Superman Parks. Another panel talked about big city crime. Then there was the panel where attendees had to guess what food product was featured in which author’s book. That too was fun. One panel was popular by the time I got there it was standing room only. Then there was the panel that talked about how far could you go in a cozy. Then there was panel about being a private eye and the panel about being a writer with no room service. Overall, I had a good time at the panels that I attended.

Books: What can I see, one of the things I like about attending these conferences is what books will appear in your goodie bag, what books will I buy and what books will I get as free giveaways. This is my biggest haul of books I’ve gotten autographed and standing on line was worth it. I was most happy with my copy of W for Wasted by Sue Grafton and I knew no matter how long, I will be standing in that line to get my book autographed.

Authors: Harlan Coben called me a troublemaker. It was great talking with authors that I’ve work with on my blog and those I friended on Facebook. These conferences allow a face-to-face meeting and it’s great. It also gives me the opportunity to meet other authors that I have not come across in my regular reads. There’s a couple of new authors who debuts their new books in 2014 and I look forward to reading their work.

I was lucky to get the opportunity to take a tour of the New York State Trooper facilities. It was cool. We got to see their headquarters, their gym, their dorms and when we saw a training that involved German Shepard dogs.  We also got a chance to go into the indoor firing range where I imagine myself shooting a bulls-eye in dead center mass. 

I’m an introvert but when I am in my element, that is being around authors, fellow readers and books, I’m not as shy. Thank you for letting me know that reading is good and hanging with the authors and fans is Awesome.

Am I’m going to the next Bouchercon? Yes I am and I can’t wait to hit the town of Long Beach. Who else is joining me?

Some photos from Bouchercon.  What excited me most was finding a phone booth with a working phone and a seat where you can close the door.

summer TV

Why is June a short month? It feels like I just did a blog and here we are at the last Monday of the month.

So, who’s ready for summer TV? Back in the day, you had one season, the awesome Fall TV season with old shows and new shows I wanted to watch. I remember getting my own personal TV Guide on the newsstand (my mom had a subscription) and plotting my TV schedule, even figuring out how to watch two programs at the same time. Yes, this was before the days of DVRs and Tivos. Oh what a joyous occasion for this self-proclaim TV addict and proud of it too.

Gradually TV as we knew it changed with the mid-season replacement, those I could handle, but it was those shows they would put one week and then the next week it was gone. It was always the show you loved.

With digital playing in the forefront, we now have three TV seasons (I think): we have network TV and then Summer Cable TV and Winter Cable TV and this TV addict is loving it, although in the past several years, the cable TV shows that I loved are done or didn’t last a season. I miss Fairly Legal, In Plain Sight, Monk, Silk Stalkings, The Closer, and Leverage.

Now I get to enjoy Rizzoli & Isles, Perception, King & Maxwell and my Burn Notice which is leaving me soon.

Are you a TV addict? Raise your hand and tell us your favorite summer TV show.