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Frustrations Plaguing Me Due to New Email Address

Because I kept getting messages from people I’ve never heard of saying I was sending them inappropriate emails, I went to my server and asked what to do. First solution, change my password on my email address.

That was done, but I kept getting complaints.

Next solution, change my email address. So I did that. Had to have help though to change it on my computer (did it through  phone directions). Had to have help changing it on my iPhone which meant going into the server’s office. Still haven’t changed it on my iPad, but have printed direction on how to do that.

A new email address means alerting all my contacts. Did that, took forever. (And I don’t think it took.)

I have several groups for my email, though I changed them, but must’ve done something wrong because only two made it–the two smallest ones. I really don’t feel like doing the other ones over, but guess I will–but not immediately. (Finally figured out how to do that right.)

In the meantime, I’m supposed to be working on a book. It’s been hard finding time to do that.

My question is, why on earth would someone bother to hack into someone’s account just to send out yukky messages? And why, pray tell, didn’t those who got them just delete them? I’ve received a lot of emails from folks I knew didn’t send them. Deleting them was all that was necessary.

At least it gave me something to write about for my blog post (I’d have rather written about something more entertaining.)

Now back to my writing so I can have a new book for next year.

Though sometime this month a new Deputy Tempe Crabtree should be debuting.