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Rambling Mind

I admit I’m a celebrity-watcher. Growing up I had my favorites and follow their careers until they left the limelight. Then as I got older, I never thought that these celebrities get older until I see those dreadful words “dies at.” How did that happen? Recently so many actors that I enjoyed watching on the big screen and/or on the little screen are passing on and I feel so sad because I’ll never *see* them again, this despite not seeing them now. It was just the thought that they were living out their lives not in the limelight.

In a different scheme of things, September is almost here which means the start of the new TV series and I can’t wait for the return of the shows I watch.

  • Is Red Liz’s father? Who really is her husband?
  • Will Castle and Beckett get married? Who really was in that car? 
  • What will become of Reece and the gang? 
  • What is going to happen to Booth? To Bones? 
  • Criminal Minds – I’m hoping they go easy on the gore.
  • Who will win the next Amazing Race?

As for the new shows coming, I want to check out:

  • Madam Secretary
  • Black-ish 
  • How to Get Away With Murder
  • Gracepoint (America’s Broadchurch)

With the new season forthcoming, what show are you waiting for their return? What new show interests you?

Monday, Monday

The last Monday in August is when my post is due here. This is what happens when you have no idea what to write. You just ramble until something rattles around in your brain.

Labor Day is approaching. Do they still have the Fashion dictate of no white shoes after Labor Day?

Fall is coming. Which means school is back in session, but more importantly, it’s TV Fall programming time and I can’t wait.

Returning shows I’m eager to see:

  • Bones – that was a dinger of a cliff-hanger 
  • Castle – love that season ending cliff-hanger 
  • Criminal Minds 
  • Elementary 
  • Hawaii Five-O 
  • The Mentalist 
  • Person of Interest 
  • Raising Hope – my guilty pleasure show 
  • Amazing Race 
  • Dancing With The Stars

As for the new TV shows, nothing has struck my fancy, so it will be a wait and see once I start viewing it.

You know what I miss? NBC’s Mystery Movie TV show.

You know what else I miss, the old TV Guide that was reader’s digest size.

Is there any show you can’t wait to see return? Any of the new shows to recommend?

My Fall TV Line-Up

I confess – I’m a tv addict. Always have been. Each year since forever I’ve had my list of shows. I never miss them if I can help it.

For decades the Special Fall Season TV Guide was my playbook. (Remember when the TV Guides were small and user-friendly? No grids.) I compared the new shows to each other and figured out their timeslots. In the pre-vcr days, I had to choose between competing shows. I was partial to dramas. Still am.

I tried to give each new show a look. It used to be that all shows were on at least a half year before being cancelled or moved to a new day and time – so with a little organization I could sample a couple of episodes of each before settling in with my favorites.

Not so any more. Some shows are cancelled after two or three episodes. If you want to see the new shows, you have to hurry!

I still subscribe to the TV Guide, but I don’t get my tv program planning from it. I get lost with all the channel listings.

I’m left with commercials. Yep, commercials are good for something! When I see a commercial for a new tv show that looks interesting, I take note of the name, then look it up on-line. Every self-respecting tv show has a webpage or maybe even a whole website dedicated to it.

My returning favorites are:

Medium – saved by CBS from cancellation. Shame on you NBC. It’s a wonderful drama.
Dancing With the Stars – good fun.
NCIS – CBS – love the whole ensemble cast.
Criminal Minds – I’ve been watching the repeats and I’m beginning to like it very much.
The Mentalist – CBS – Simon Baker is so cute.
House – Fox (It took awhile for Dr. House to grow on me but my co-author loved the show, so I kept watching.)
Ghost Hunters – Syfy (Why in the world they changed the network name from Sci-fi, I’ll never understand.)

New shows I want to see:

The Good Wife – CBS – stars Julianna Margulies – loved her on ER
The Forgotten – ABC – my prediction – I love the premise, I’ll probably love the show, and it will probably be cancelled before midseason.
NCIS – Los Angeles – CBS – rarely are sequels as good as original but I’ll give it a try.
Mercy – NBC – love nurse shows – this looks to be a good one. Does anyone else remember Nurse with Michael Learned? I absolutely adored that drama.
Eastwick – ABC – probably too campy for me, but might be fun.
FlashForward – ABC – interesting – not sure what it’s about but I’ll watch once or twice since with BattleStar Galactica gone I have an opening on my science fiction dance card.
Trauma – NBC – I used to love the old Emergency series and ER was a long time favorite. Maybe this one will be good too.

What new shows are you planning to watch?

Evelyn David