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My Biggest Fan

I know there are others, but the person I count as my biggest fan has also become a friend. We met at one of my book signings several years ago. She was in Springville looking for a house to buy.

At the signing, she bought a book and the previous ones in the series. Since then she’s been to every book launch or signing I’ve had for any of my books.

Once she presented my books at a literary luncheon where each table was devoted to a book or a series of books. She decorated her table with Native American artifacts and dressed up like my heroine, Tempe Crabtree, going so far as to wear a black wig with long braids, a deputy outfit complete with badge. She gave a short talk about Tempe and her latest adventure.

We have something else in common, we love to go to movies–especially the ones like Harry Potter and the Twilight series. We’ve gone to all of them together and then out to lunch afterwards. My husband goes along with us though he’s not thrilled with our choice of movies.

At Christmas time she invites us over to watch General Hospital, see her Christmas decorations (believe me, she goes all out) and serves us tea and cookies. Yes, you read it right, the three of us watch General Hospital–even hubby is hooked on it. Here it comes on at 2 p.m. and it’s a good time to take a rest from whatever we’re doing. However, if we have to go somewhere and miss out, all I have to do is call my biggest fan and ask her what happened.

My biggest fan wants me to make her a character in one of my books and her request is to be a murder victim. Not sure I want to do that. She’s certainly interesting enough to make a character of some sort. I’m considering making her a suspect, not sure at this point, but after all she is my biggest fan.


How Do You Get Everything Done?

That’s a question I get asked all the time. The answer is, often I don’t.

I make a lot of lists and cross things off when I get them done. Yesterday I planned to work on a book that has just been edited and take care of some of the edits. Instead, I read and answered email, filled out an interview someone sent me, received a great review for Dispel the Mist, the third.

Once I got that of course I had to copy it, put it on the page where I’m keeping those reviews and I had to let my Twitter friends and my Facebook friends know. Holding my breath about the reveiw that might not be so good. My publisher and I both sent the book out to a lot of reviewers.

Hubby brought in the mail and I had to pay a couple of bills and I went on line to cancel a membership to something we never used–should have done that long ago.

Remembered that I should add to my newsletter about my talk at the library (not many showed up but someone I only met on Twitter and his wife traveled 1 1/2 hours just to meet me. Don’t tell me Twitter promo doesn’t work. Then, of course, my launch Sunday at Kirby Farms in Springville had to be mentioned–that one went super well, lots more people and books sold and the cookies were delicious.)

And that’s more or less the way it went all day. I did get a little done, I’m looking for the word was and trying to turn the sentence around in order to eliminate it–works sometimes, not always.

Hubby and I did take time out to watch General Hospital together–its our afternoon rest period.
Cooked and ate a big dinner, but left right after for Bible Study–we’re studying Daniel. Came home and my brain doesn’t really function well much after seven, so I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about watching Dancing with the Stars. (Good excuse, anyway.)

Maybe today will be more organized with less distractions–except I really must get the laundry done.


Guilty Pleasures

Bet you thought I was going to write about chocolate. Well, yes, I confess chocolate is one of my guilty pleasures, but I don’t indulge nearly as much as I used too.

Instead I’m going to confess my TV watching guilty pleasures. My husband and I both watch General Hospital. I’ve watched General Hospital for years, way back before Luke and Laura got married. Hubby didn’t watch with me back in those days because he was either off to war or working on base.

Because it comes on at 2 in the afternoon here, it’s a good time for both of us to take a break–and I must confess, sometimes we both snooze a bit. We are entertained by the fact that almost everyone has slept or been married to everyone else in the cast at one time or another. We know nothing will ever have a happy ending or the show would just stop. However there are some amazing actors on the show–at times I wonder how they can keep from laughing.

I also love reality TV. I watch Big Brother and have my favorites–hubby will only watch this one if he’s forced into it. Survivor and the Amazing Race are others that I enjoy. I have a granddaughter who is determined that she and her husband are going to try out for it one day–the only thing that’s holding them back is my daughter who won’t babysit until their three year old is less of a handful.

What I don’t like is the Japanese take-off shows where people actually get hurt. Why anyone would do those I have no idea.

Oh, and I also like to watch the disaster movies that have been coming out this summer too. The acting has been lousy, the stories just as lousy, but for some reason I’m fascinated by them. Maybe it’s because I don’t really have to think to follow along and if I go to sleep before it’s over it’s not really something I’ll worry about.

Last week we went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and took one of my good friends who is also a faithful fan of my books. We loved the movie–husband nodded off a few times–we went to the 10 a.m. showing so I think he was bored. My friend is also a General Hospital fan so at lunch we talked about all the wild goings-on.

Except for GH I don’t watch TV in the day time. By the time evening rolls around, I no longer have the ambition to write and I guess I’m ready for my guilty pleasures.

That’s my confession and I’m sticking to it.


Guilty Pleasures

Going to movies is one of my guilty pleasures–guilty because of the money it costs to go to the show nowadays and the fact that we usually end up eating out either before or after. The last movie we saw was Knowing which hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed. People are calling it sci-fi, but it really is religious with multiple subtle clues throughout.

Another of my guilty pleasures is reality TV shows. I’m delighted that Dancing With the Stars is back on. My daughter-in-law and I watch together. We’ve sucked hubby into watching it too. I also love Survivor and have watched it faithfully since it’s inception. My eldest daughter and I discuss it along with the Amazing Race via e-mail after each episode. (Yes, I also like Celebrity Apprentice, but I’m usually asleep before the firing.)

My biggest confession is my husband and I watch General Hospital together in the afternoon. (If we miss it we watch the episode on the computer.) Frankly, sometimes we both go to sleep when it’s on. It’s amazing to me the things they do with the plot that an author could never get away with. I also have a good friend who is a General Hospital fan and hubby and I have been invited to her home for tea and to watch an episode,

I have other TV shows I really like–Medium and The Mentalist are wonderful. By the time evening comes around, my brain is too tired to tackle any writing chores and a little mindless entertainment seems just right.

Oh, and I like McDonald’s vanilla flavored iced coffee too. (Fortunately we’re 17 miles away from the nearest McDonald’s.)

Now, I’ve confessed–what are your guilty pleasures?

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith