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The Fairy Tale Ending

by Bethany Maines

I have a co-project coming up revolving around sci-fi fairy tales. I think this is a great idea.  Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time finding the right fairy tale or even pieces of a fairy tale I want to use.  So I sat down with a compendium of Hans Christian Anderson and gave it a flip through to see if it would spark anything.  It did. 
From the obtuse, dense writing that wandered around with no particular plot and introduced characters that were totally pointless, to the fact that half of the stories either revolve around cutting bits of a girl off or expounding on how the suffering of these peope was deserved because they weren’t Christian enough, the whole thing made me want to throw the book against the wall. 
And even in the stories where the girl wins out and doesn’t end up dismembered the author seems to go out of his way to note that she’s a bit selfish and not overly bright.  All of which ended in my poor husband having to listen to a rant about the Princess and the Pea, Victorians and how Republicans seem to think ovaries are a pre-existing condition.  That last one may not have been entirely related, but it wasn’t that far removed.  Kissing cousins at the very minimum.
Anyway, I’m not sure what my sci-fi fairy tale will be, but I think it will involve blood. Blood of the sanctimonious spilled in copious ways. Hans Christian Anderson has sealed your fate fairy tale characters.  Your time is coming.
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