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What Have you Done or Are Doing for the Holidays?

Christmas is coming at our house. Since I’ve gotten old, our celebrations have changed a lot.

In days gone by, I, along with my children, and later grandkids, decorated a big tree and every corner of the living room. Now, my decorations are minimal–for two reasons.

1. I’m old and the kids have grown up and have their own houses to decorate.

2. I have three small great-grandkids who often come to visit. So my major decorations are stuffed moose that they can play with.

In those days of yore, presents were put under the tree and never opened until morning. Often, very early mornings. Now we can stay in bed longer on Christmas morning because we celebrate on Christmas Eve. That’s when we have our celebratory dinner–and open presents.

Who comes depends upon what their plans with what part of their extended family they plan to celebrate with.

No matter who manages to arrive we have a most wonderful time.

And no, I didn’t join the scramble for buying gifts either. My solution for the last couple of years is giving money to each family to spend as they see fit.

We have done some other celebrating. We had a wonderful dinner with the members of my writing critique group and their spouses. Good food and lively conversation.

We attended our church’s Christmas party which is amazingly wild and hilarious tempered with tasty finger foods. Everyone brings a wrapped ornament and the fun begins. I’m sure you’ve all played that game in some form or other–this version is one person unwraps an ornament, the next person can unwrap an ornament or take the first one, and so on. It get pretty wild.

I also spoke to a new Sisters in Crime group about how I’ve managed to write nearly 40 books. That was fun.

So, fellow gang members, tell us what holiday you celebrated or are celebrating and how you did or are doing it.