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by Bethany Maines 


Courtesy @bilbliophilealley

For those not on Instagram you may be slightly mystified by
the term “bookstagram” that has popped up recently in book circles. Instagram,
land of a thousand hashtags, has spawned a beautiful and glorious trend in book
circles: photographing books.  It’s
hardly revolutionary, but as a graphic designer who has long thought that book
covers are an underrated art form, I am all in. 
Bookstagram spans a wide variety of looks – from the simple “what I’m
reading” to the carefully curated wishful thinking lifestyle shots, bookstagram
runs the gamut of what can be done with books. 
I have also recently started experimenting with my own
books. It’s fun to experiment with
different props and filters to make insta-art. I think what I learned quite promptly is that lighting is
everything.  Getting a good light source
that doesn’t make a glare on the book cover seems to be the hardest part.  Why are book covers so shiny?!
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