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Who are you like?

By Bethany Maines

One of the most common questions a writer hears is: Who are
you like?  In other words, what (famous,
more talented, richer, that I would have heard of) author are you like?  Of course, as authors we would always like to
respond – I am like no one! I am a unique snowflake of infinite genius!  Bow down before my staggering work of
novelistic achievement!  Possibly at this
point is where we also start investing in a parrot, flowing robes, and a pencil
thin moustache to twirl.  I’m not saying
all authors would go full Disney villain. Clearly, the eyebrows and make-up
require a more high-maintenance lifestyle than most of us are cut out for.  I’m just saying, nobody likes to think of
themselves, as “just like” somebody else. 
However, temper-tantrums and eyeliner aside, it is a useful
question.  It does let people know where
they should look for you in the library and where you fall on their reader
spectrum.  For the record, I usually
answer this question with – Janet Evanovich. 
My series Carrie Mae Mysteries is female centered spy series, with
plenty of hunks, humor, and huge action scenes. 
However, I also write in another genre – contemporary fantasy.  I write modern day fairy tales about fairies,
vampires, and what happens when a mermaid meets a SEAL. 
Writing in multiple genres used to be very “not done”
because the publishing houses found it hard to market.  The prevailing wisdom was that readers don’t
read multiple genres (uh… say what?), Self-publishing has opened the door for authors
to write whatever their unique snowflake heart’s desire, but it’s still a risk,
and a challenge for those doing the marketing, to figure out what to say to the
question – who do you write like? 

I guess for now, I’ll have to go with this answer – I write like my
fingers are fire with sheer greatness and my mascara is totally, totally on
Bethany Maines is the author of the Carrie
Mae Mysteries
, Wild Waters, Tales
from the City of Destiny
and An
Unseen Current
You can also view the Carrie Mae youtube video
or catch up with her on Twitter and Facebook.