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Our Journeys as Writers – Clicking Our Heels

Our Journeys as Writers –
Clicking Our Heels

Writing Careers are journeys. Today, the Stiletto Gang
authors talk about the road each has followed. No two are quite alike – even
those writers on the blog who do some writing together


Mary Lee Ashford (1/2 of Sparkle Abbey)Like many others, not at all. I am currently
traditionally published both with the Sparkle Abbey series (Bell Bridge Books)
and the Sugar & Spice series (Kensington) but the path has been more roller
coaster than anything I could have imagined. Still with all the ups and downs,
I feel incredibly lucky to get to do something I love so much! 


Shari Randall
writing career? My vision of a writing career was formed by watching Joan
Collins in Dallas – fabulous travel, fabulous assistants, fabulous wardrobe.
The reality is a bit different, but happier with a lot less feuding.


Linda Rodriguez – No, it’s always a surprise. I didn’t expect to
debut (for novels) with a major trade publisher, but I won a contest. Later, I
didn’t expect to be dropped when my books were doing well, but they engaged in
an editorial bloodbath and shed a lot of writers, too. I have to keep
reinventing myself as a writer—and that’s okay.


Anita Carter (1/2 of Sparkle Abbey For the most part
yes. I thought I’d have published something on my own, but I’m not there yet.
As Sparkle Abbey, we’re getting ready to venture into self-publishing so ask me
again in a few months. I might have a different answer! Ha!

T.K. Thorne – Heavens
no.  It’s been a roller coaster. At this
point, I guess I’m a hybrid. Mostly traditional, but one self-published.

H. Goldstein
– Not knowing better, I thought it was a snap the first time I had
a book accepted. Then I was orphaned. I was told, write something different. I
did. It too, was orphaned after publication, but both books were later
reprinted in a mass market format. And then, I had a series take off. I’m about
to turn in book 5 of the Sarah Blair series, but hold your breath, pray, (and
buy a few copies of Four Cuts Too Many on pre-order) and maybe they’ll give me
a contract for books six through?

Kathryn Lane – My writing career began after a two-decade
career in the international corporate world that took me to over 90 countries.
Those travel experiences have provided me with a wealth of material I
incorporate into the settings of my novels. Being an author has been incredibly
satisfying and has led me to paths I never envisioned – such as traveling to
research specific locations where I set my novels, and the most important part
– wonderful encounters with fans, either in person at book presentations or
online, who tell me my Nikki Garcia mystery series or my short stories have
impacted them and brought them good memories.

– Yes, it has. I am traditionally published with Kensington
and I’m very happy for where I am at the moment.

Kathleen Kaska – My publishing path has
been traditional.


Saralyn RichardMine is just getting started–a lifelong dream come true.


– Definitely not. I started out traditionally published, then went
hybrid, and now I’m completely indie. Back when I started out, that was the
last resort of the writer who couldn’t sell a book to a publisher and turned to
vanity presses. Now it’s where you find many authors who have taken similar