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Clicking Our Heels – Fill in the Blank

Clicking Our Heels – Fill in the Blank People often think authors only spend their lives writing or reading (and to some extent that is true), so we decided to see what else the members of the Stiletto Gang do.  Hence,   IF I’M NOT WRITING OR READING, I’M __________________________________.   Lois Winston: If we […]

Clicking Our Heels – Colors!

Clicking Our Heels: Colors Because our writings open a window into our souls, we thought you’d find it fun to know our favorite colors and why each resonates so much with our inner feelings.   Debra H. Goldstein:  Blue. It makes me think of the sky and water meeting which is an absolute moment of […]

Clicking Our Heels – Simple Joys

  Clicking Our Heels – It’s a New Year with lots of resolutions, but considering everything going on in the world, we thought we’d share something simple that makes each of happy or brings us joy (think an expanded Marie Kondo concept to life). Barbara Kyle – Singing! I’ve sung all my life, in shows […]

Clicking Our Heels: What We Read

Clicking Our Heels: Writers are often asked if they write in a particular genre, if that is the one they read. Here are some of what the Stiletto Gang members read and some of their favorite authors. Robin Hillyer-Miles – I read many different genres. My favorite authors currently are Jess Loury, Susan Addison Allen, […]

Clicking Our Heels – Summer Vacation Preferences

CLICKING OUR HEELS – SUMMER VACATION PREFERENCES Can you believe summer is almost over? Three more days and no more white shoes or white pants! Before summer ends, the Stiletto Gang members thought we’d share our favorite summer vacations – indoors/outdoors, beach/mountains, or staycation. Debra H. Goldstein:  The Beach! Something about the white capped swirling […]