Clicking Our Heels – Physically Moving Outside Our Comfort Zones?

Clicking Our Heels –
Physically Moving Outside Our Comfort Zones?

In last month’s Clicking Our Heels blog post we
discussed our favorite forms of exercise. Our answers were quite varied, but
what if we had an opportunity to physically move outside our comfort zones?
What if we had the option to skydive, bungee jump, mountain climb, or ??? –
would we or would we opt to be couch potatoes?


Mary Lee Ashford: Oh, no. No skydiving, bungee jumping, or
mountain climbing for me. Boating could be a yes, but I would undoubtedly take
a book along.


Bethany Maines: I’ve been indoor skydiving (total blast), I
would go bungee jumping given the opportunity, I’ve hiked up a few mountains,
and I like being a couch potato but usually someone in my family is hogging it.
Frequently, it’s the dog.


Gay Yellen: The beautiful city park across the street makes
for easy, almost daily walking jaunts.


Lynn Mcpherson: I’ve been skydiving three times. It was
amazing. I’m not good at sitting around. I like to get outside and have some


Donnell Bell:  I love
taking hills, not necessarily mountains-I tried that and lost two toenails!!


Barbara J. Eikmeier: I would be willing to go zip lining.


Lynn C. Willis: Oh, mountain climbing! I have books on
training to climb Everest but have recently realized I don’t like the cold.


Lois Winston: None of the above. However, I do love to take
long walks.


Robin Hillyer-Miles: I like hiking. I am not a dare devil!


Dru Ann Love: Definitely a couch potato. Give me a sci-fi
movie and I’m in heaven.


Kathryn Lane: Love mountain climbing!


Debra Sennefelder: No to everything in that question. LOL I
won’t climb a mountain, but I love a good hike. So there you have my level of


Anita Carter: If those are my only choice, I guess I’m a
couch potato. LOL The most adventurous active I’ve ever done was ziplining.


Linda Rodriguez: I love the idea of bungee jumping with my
walker with specialized support for my wrecked shoulder. I think I’ll go with


Shari Randall: No, thank you! Couch for me!


Debra H. Goldstein: All of these require exertion – even
getting on and off the couch. I think I’ll take a long hot bath while reading a
good gossipy magazine.

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    Anonymous says:

    Looks like most of us are walkers… Linda Rodriguez, I love your idea about bungee walking with your walker. As my daughter would say: Film that, please. And Bethany, I think I will try indoor skydiving. That sounds so cool! But for right now I'll stick to long walks! 🙂

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